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Monday, October 31, 2005

Monster of the Week - Silver Chalice Homunculus

The Eberron Bestiary has uploaded its next creation, the Silver Chalice Homunculus. A tiny recepticle for a miniature silver flame, this faithful servant boosts the power of attempts to turn undead and censure fiends. Handy for multiclassed artificer/clerics or wizard/clerics or even just for a party that includes a cleric or paladin of the Silver Flame.

Here is a sneak preview:

A stone font of silver fire, decorated with flametouched iron inlays, rests at the feet of its owner.

The rituals that create the homunculi favoured by artificers and wizards are not exclusive to those professions. Clerics and other holy warriors have been known to craft their own constructs to serve them in their never ending battle against evil. A favoured construct of the followers of the Silver Flame is the silver chalice, a tiny homunculus with a strong connection to the pervasive flame that is spread across the face of Eberron. Religious artificers and arcane spellcasters often craft these constructs as well as clerics as a way of strengthening their bond to their religion.

Official Site Update

Sharn Inquisitve, News for Sul, Sypheros 22nd, 998: House Lyrandar Mulls New Airship Routes

STORMHOME -- Airship travelers may soon be able to reach such varied destinations as Starilaskur, Sigilstar, Adderport, Keth, and Stormreach on the Xen'drik coast if House Lyrandar leaders approve an ambitious program of docking tower construction. Yarrick d'Lyrandar, an influential scion of the house, has been negotiating with local leaders for airship towers in those areas, said sources familiar with the negotiations.

Refusing to discuss expansion of the airship routes, Lyrandar officials referred to Yarrick d'Lyrandar's negotiations as "internal house business." Yarrick d'Lyrandar has been traveling aboard the Lyrandar River of Stars airship, which is due to depart Sharn tomorrow.

Lyrandar airships currently connect most of Khorvaire's capital cities and metropolises. Other destinations are available only to those who can afford extraordinary chartering fees, and airship captains flying charters generally have to make do with whatever moorings they can improvise. Chartered airships to Stormreach often tie up at the lighthouse south of the city, for example.

One question that remains unanswered is whether the expansion would entail the commissioning of new Lyrandar airships, including some long-rumored behemoth airships that dwarf the existing 300-foot standard. Airship architects in Zilargo have been experimenting since the latter years of the Last War with elemental binding techniques that would provide sufficient lift to launch such vessels. Read More...

Friday, October 28, 2005

DDO Update

Today we got another look at DDO in the form of the newest Alpha Journal.

Alpha Journal #5: Character Generation - Sorcerers
This week we have a journal entry describing how one person created their Sorcerer.

Chill Touch is particularly nasty. In DDO, this spell does a single high damage attack on living creatures, and against undead causes no damage but makes them panic and retreat from the caster. One Chill Touch can take out many low level monsters in one hit, making short work of scores of kobolds, spiders and other baddies. Against undead the fear effect means you can pummel the horror at will without fear of retribution.

Insert your opinion here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New DDO Monster Profile

The folks from Turbine bring you new material in this weeks Monster Profile about our friend, the Gargoyle.

Monster Profile #22: Gargoyles

An abandoned Cathedral contains more than meets the eye.

I expected the statue to either topple over or refuse to budge, or perhaps for the arm to shift and open the secret door. I was not expecting it to come alive and slash our halfling with vicious claws, leaving a bleeding wound. The other dozen statues leapt from their perches and closed in as well.

Find out what happens to the explorers this week and discuss it here.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monster of the Week - Ghaalec Dhuur

The Eberron Bestiary has posted its latest offering, the Ghaalec Dhuur, master of Xoriat-tainted Incarnum. A more powerful and respected servant of the daelkyr than last week's merthaac, the ever changing abilities of this twisted fleshmelder makes a great challenge for higher level groups. On top of that, the ghaalec dhuur's ability to shape new, unique aberrations at a moment's notice means that no two encounters with this fiends will be the same. As with last week's offering, no prior knowledge of Incarnum is needed to use this monster.

Here is a sneak preview:

Before you stands a female human draped in a mantle of cobalt mist. Her vacant blue eyes belie calculating wisdom tainted by madness. In a great cerulean cyclone, tentacles and other aberrant features burst from her previously untainted flesh.

The Ghaalec Dhuur are the masters of fleshmelding on Xoriat, a cursed art form combining Incarnum soul melding techniques with the powerful fleshcraft of the daelkyr. Unlike the lesser fleshmelders known as the merthaac, which were created by altering Xoriat’s living creatures with madness-tainted incarnum, the greater fleshmelders known as the ghaalec dhuur were created from the very essence of the Realm of Madness itself.

New DDO Concept Art posted

Concept Art Update!
"We are expanding our Concept Art Gallery with another batch of Concept Art! This batch features concepts for Spectres, Earth Elementals, Wights, Scimitars, the Marketplace, House Kundarak, and a giant Cathedral."

The folks over at turbine posted new concept art . Visit the gallery and tell them your opinion here

For those who are curious about DDO and want to learn more you can check Turbine's FAQ and the "Book of of the Dev"

More info coming "Soon"

Official Site Update

Sharn Inquisitve, News for Sul, Sypheros 22nd, 998: Rampaging Dragon Menaces Countryside

KORTH -- The village of Haupberg Crossing was razed by an ivory-colored dragon as large as a covered wagon, survivors said on Far. "It came screaming from the sky at dawn to begin its destruction. Over and over again it bellowed, then breathed frost at anyone who came near and smashed whatever building was nearby!" Read More...

Dragonshards: Druids of Khorvaire, Part Two

Warforged Druids

Many people assume that warforged cannot become druids. The warforged are constructs crafted by human hands; what bond could a warforged possess with the world of nature? And yet, the warforged are living constructs. A large part of the body of a warforged is composed of fibrous strands not unlike the roots of a tree. Druidic life is a rare path for a warforged to follow, but a few have sought to explore their role as living creatures and to strengthen their bonds to the natural world.

A warforged druid faces a number of challenges. Both the Adamantine Body and Mithril Body feats cause a warforged druid to lose access to druidic abilities, just as if he was wearing metal armor. The only option for a warforged who wants improved armor and the full power of the druid is the Ironwood Body feat presented in Races of Eberron. On the positive side, both goodberries and wild shape are healing effects that are not actually part of the healing subschool; as such, both of these provide full benefits to the warforged druid. Read More...

Mark of Heroes: Campaign Cards: Fall 2005, Set 4

The RPGA magewrights fired up the forge and produced the four complete set of Campaign Cards for the Eberron campaign, Mark of Heroes. The ten cards in this set shipped out as part of the D&D Rewards fall mailing

Shaper of the Soul Mist Set 4 Card 1: Creation

“I listen to the life that swirls around us-even in this wasteland-and I shape its voice into a resonance of pure power.”
-- Kalsanaka, totemist of the Demon Wastes

There are those who've learned to shape blue misty energy that sages claim comes from the infinite souls of the multiverse. They call this energy incarnum.

Benefit: You are a shaper of incarnum. This card unlocks any nonrestricted class, skill expansion, feat, racial substitution level, soulmeld, spell, prestige class or magic item from Magic of Incarnum. It does not unlock any of the races in that source. See the Mark of Heroes Campaign Standards for a list of campaign restricted Magic of Incarnum rules items. Read More...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

D&D Online update

News to all of you dungeoncrawlers out there.
There's been an update on the official Dungeon & Dragons Online site, a game which takes place in our favourite setting; Eberron.

It's an alpha tester written article about how it is to play a cleric.
Here's a small preview:

Future residents of Stormreach, let me share with you a bit of my experiences as a cleric. Like in traditional D&D, the cleric is both a formidable caster and warrior. They are nothing like the robe-wearing, sissy healers with whom MMORPG veterans are likely familiar. No, these holy warriors can dish out a beating, take punishment and heal themselves and their allies for another serving of beat down.

You can find the article here.

New at the Ledger

Hi Folks!

I've made a small change here at the Breland Ledger to make us a bit more interactive with the outside world. You can now leave comments below each news post. This enables you, the reader, to do many things. You can correct us if there is something wrong. You can point us to an update. Or you can simply talk about the news right here at the ledger!

I hope everyone has fun using it! Enjoy!

Official Forum Rundown

The Eberron forum continues to be active, and now it is time again for an official forum rundown.

Many people think low-level play when they think Eberron, but there's plenty of room for some high level action.
If you have any ideas, or need any.
Check this out.

I think we can all agree that the Eberron art, and some of the art has an almost comic-look over it. Here's a thread about the idea of an Eberron comic book.

And what about those Lords of Dust?

For the heroes of Eberron, there's no festive halls and glorious afterlife after you die. Or is there? Do you stay in the realm of the dead, merge with the Silver Flame or what?
Post here.

Breland has the Lantern, Aundair has the eyes and Karrnath has the Dark Cabinet. But is that all?
Spy Groups of Eberron!

And last, what do you do when your player ask for a Deathless Character?

Originally Posted by Polt

Thursday, October 20, 2005

New Eberron book!!

Amazon.com has posted sale pages for some WOTC products through July 2006!

Among them is Secrets of Xen'drik by Keith Baker, Amber Scott, and Jason Bulmahn!

Additionally, The Orb of Xoriat by Edward Bolme is on sale this month!

DDO Updates

New Videos!

DDO.com has added some new game footage videos. Check out the great gameplay! They've also added some more screenshots. As always join the Official DDO Forum or the Breland Ledgers Chatroom to discuss these updates!

DDO Stratics Wallpaper Contest

DDO Stratics, an MMORPG News Site is holding a contest where you can win lots of D&D Goodies. Give it a shot and create a DDO Wallpaper! Check out the Complete Rules, for more info!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Monster of the Week - Lesser Fleshmelder

The Eberron Bestiary has posted its latest monstrous offering to desecrate the lands of Khorvaire, the sinister Merthaac, Lesser Fleshmelder. Spawned on Xoriat by the Dealkyr, these cunning creatures can alter their body on a whim, shaping new limbs and fiendish features from Incarnum as easily as they breathe. These monsters work great in any campaign that features the Cults of the Dragon Below or delves into Khyber. No knowledge of the Incarnum system is required to run this creature, and if you don't use Incarnum it's easy to change the flavour.

Here is a sneak preview:

Before you stands a young male human of athletic build, he wears unusual, eclectic clothing, and his vivid blue eyes seem distant.

Incarnum, the soul energy of those alive, dead and yet to be born, drifts through the astral cosmos. When channelled by soulmelders, incarnum is often drawn through the planes that orbit through the astral, aligning to the ideals of that plane. By combining the manipulation of incarnum drawn through Xoriat itself with their own diabolical fleshcraft, the daelkyr created a cunning race of creatures known as the fleshmelders. Unlike the dolgrim or the dolgaunts, which were created by corruption of Eberron’s races, the fleshmelders were modelled after the daelkyr themselves.

Official Site Update 10-18-05

Sharn Inquisitive, News for Sul, Sypheros 22nd, 998: Dragonshard Prices Skyrocket

SHARN -- Prices for raw dragonshards have almost doubled in recent weeks, leaving shard brokers with scant supplies but hefty profits. Though dragonshards are not available in public markets, they are common in the exclusive, private auction houses in the Korranath district.

Jessen Urtannek, owner of Silverpick Prospecting, said that his company has recently had production difficulties in both the Shadow Marches and Q'Barra. Thus, bidders are competing for a smaller supply of dragonshards, and prices are rising.

"We're happy with the output from our Shadow Marches operations, but we've lost two returning caravans somewhere in Droaam," he said. "Banditry there is fierce, and even caravan masters who pay local warlords for protection are suffering losses. Even though getting cargo through Droaam is expensive, we can easily recoup these costs at the auction house. What's frustrating for me as a business owner, though, is paying out protection money and not getting the protection. Read More...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Official Site Update

Dragonshards: Druids of Khorvaire, Part 1

The Eberron Campaign Setting presents five druidic sects: the Wardens of the Wood, the Ashbound, the Children of Winter, the Gatekeepers, and the Greensingers. Each sect has unique goals, traditions, and beliefs. The Gatekeepers seek to protect the natural world from unnatural horrors, while the Children of Winter believe that nature will soon scour the world with plague and disaster. Each group has one or more feats that provide a druid with unique abilities associated with the teachings of his sect. You do not have to be a member of a sect to be a druid, and you don't have to take the associated feat to be a member of a sect. Being a member of a sect is a matter of belief and backstory, and as long as you and your Dungeon Master can come to an agreement on your story, you can have a tie to any sect... or none at all. You may believe that Eberron sees through the eyes of all living things, and the thunder is her voice. That Eberron slumbers, and when she wakes she will shatter every city. That civilization is part of Eberron's plan for the world, and just as the rabbit digs a burrow, a human is expected to build a city. Like any cleric, you should have a central pillar for your faith, but like a cleric, you don't have to adhere to one of the major religions. Read More...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

DDO Update

A new Developer Diary has been posted at DDO.com

Muttonhead: Stormreach - A City Built on the Backs of Giants

So we decided that we wanted to really focus on the idea of a diversity of cultures perched precariously on a sword's edge of danger. We figured we could represent this by having the city built amongst the kind of terrain that one wouldn't typically want to build a city: steep cliffs, razor-like spires of rock, swamps, and deep, endless chasms.

Read More... or check out the art gallery, or post!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

DDO Updates

The Dungeons and Dragons Online Official site has been updated...

Community Milestones - The DDO Forum signup rate has surpassed that for other MMORPG's.

New Concept Art - Check out the latest gallery and chat about it on the DDO Forum...

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I'd prefer everyone use the previous link so I can keep track of circulation however!

Either way I hope this helps.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monster of the Week - Daan Strider

The Eberron Bestiary has uploaded its next offering, the outsider known as the Daan Strider. A huge, perfect humanoid that wanders the lawful plains of Daanvi, the strider takes great pleasure in the destruction and then reconstruction of all kinds of items, from magical weapons to buildings to siege engines. Great for a random encounter on Khorvaire or as a showcase of law on Daanvi itself, the strider can easily fit into any Eberron game thanks to its generally non-hostile nature.

Here is a sneak preview:

A huge, 18 foot figure strides across the fields. Its skin is brilliant white, and its face featureless but for two large black eyes. Its proportions and stance are perfect.

Daan striders are giant humanoids that roam the fields of Daanvi, the Perfect Order. The striders are largely peaceful creatures, wandering throughout the plane to spread geometrical order. Patient and determined, Daan striders have been known to rearrange entire forests into perfect alignment. The greatest passion of a typical Daan strider is not to build, but to reconstruct. The striders take great pleasure in tearing apart Formian buildings and siege weapons, only to rebuild them with greater accuracy, stronger supports and altogether better craftsmanship.

Official Site Updates

Steal this Hook! Forged in War

The warforged are living constructs parented by both technology and magic. (For more rules and details on warforged, consult the recent Dragonshards: The Warforged Part 1 and Part 2, as well as August's Rules of the Game. Eberron's warforged now face soul-testing conditions of almost excruciating freedom, having been freed from the structure and purpose of the Last War, and they have responded by adapting to those conditions with the single-mindedness, assurance, and ingenuity that only warforged can muster. Today's forged in war focuses on these synthetic citizens of Eberron and the adventures that blossom so naturally around them... Read more.

Magic of Eberron Art Gallery

Magic is a key element in many fantasy campaigns, and you'll find plenty of it in Magic of Eberron. Take at look at some visual representations of arcane and divine spellcasting in this online art gallery that features art from the book. Take a peek for your first look at new art by definitive Eberron artists like Steve Prescott, Mark Tedin, and Igor Alban-Chevalier.

Monday, October 10, 2005

New Official Forum Rundown

Yes, it is time again. Here's this week's Official Forum Rundown.

Here's a thread about the different writings of the races of eberron.

Xen'Drik is the mysterious continent where the giants once ruled. Help this guy out with stuff to do on this island of ancient runes, drow and foul beasts.

Karrnath is by many known as the nation of the undead. But how does these undead work? Do they have a soul? A spirit? Give us your two cents.

Also here is a couple of threads about Magic of Eberron.

See you guys next time.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Dungeons and Dragons Online

The DDO Official Site has announced a Stormreach Marketing Campaign...

Also posted,

Alpha Journal #3: A Partial Tour of Stormreach

Discuss these issues and more on the DDO Community Forums:
Marketing Campaign Discussion

Alpha Journal #3 Discussion

Dragonshard Review

Slashdot has posted a review of Dragonshard

Official Site Update

Previews for: October and Beyond has some information on Magic of Eberron!

What Is Magic of Eberron?

When one speaks of magic in Eberron, one is also speaking of weather, or philosophy, or life itself. Magic is as varied, changing, and as little understood as all these, and it suffuses everything. It is part of the fabric of existence, dancing in the Ring of Siberys and echoing in the vaults of Khyber. Magic, whether it comes from some external but hidden source, or whether it seeps from the land itself as one more renewable resource that can be tapped and utilized, is without question the single most important aspect of the world.

But the word "magic" hides myriad categories of thaumaturgical workings, from essentially pedestrian alchemical marvels to the true miracles of artifice, elemental binding, and the magic of dragons. Beyond even that, the term "magic" can cover the corruptive influence of the daelkyr and their aberrational progeny, psionic power of the quori, and even more esoteric arts.

For instance, the homunculi employed by artificers can provide far more options for the experimenter than is generally understood. Indeed, enterprising artificers can choose not only different types of homunculi, but also to enhance homunculi they already own, increasing their constructs' armor, strength, and other qualities.

Just how are elementals bound into items or vessels? The process developed by the Zil is extensive and exacting, but if followed can lead to the perfect binding every time. Adventurous binders have gone so far as to develop elemental grafts, which function similarly to magic items, but which tie the essence of a living elemental to another creature's body.

What of the elves of Aerenal? They are little understood, and often feared because of their obsession with death. Solitary, mysterious, and disturbing, these elves form the basis of any number of rumors throughout Khorvaire. This tome promises to dispel some of those mysteries.

More truly diabolical are the necromantic arts of Karrnath. While Kaius III, current ruler of Karrnath, has publicly made plain that his nation no longer supports the creation of undead for military purposes, the truth is more nuanced.

In sum, the magic of Eberron is a vast field encompassing far more than can easily be identified in a single tome. It is a world in itself, filled with islands of thought and use that can be identified, clarified, and described in greater depth.


Forum Rundown

Here come some of the latest conversations and intresting posts from the Official Boards!

Should I Use The Eberron Campaign Setting?

Sourcebook Inconsistencies

Evil Overlords in Eberron

Kaius Shouldn't Be Evil

Anime and Manga Characters in Eberron

Firearms in Eberron

How to Extinguish the Silver Flame

These conversations and more, should keep you buzy enough, till the next Forum Rundown!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

DDO and Dragonshard

Dungeons and Dragons Online.com has been updated with a new article and a new layout!

Check out the Stormreach Developer Diary from Gamespot.

In Dragonshard news, Gamespy has posted a Dragonshard Review, check it out!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Official Site Update

Sharn Inquisitive, News for Sul, Rhaan 15th, 998: Tower 312 is Missing
SHARN -- Architects, magicians, and City Watch officers were baffled on Far when Tower 312, a twisting spire in the Dava Gate district, disappeared completely overnight.
Tower 312 included four upscale residences, a private library, a cartography shop, and a private bathhouse. City records indicate that it had eleven permanent residents, although the Sharn Watch hasn't yet been able to confirm which of them were present at the time of the disappearance.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dungeons and Dragons Online

The Breland Ledger would like to apologize to all the Eberron fans out there for our lack of coverage of Dungeons and Dragons Online, which is based in Eberron. We'll do our best to work to correct the oversight. From now on we'll bring you all the latest in news from the Official Dungeons and Dragons Online Website, all the latest in Developer Posts (and credible rumors) from the DDO Community Forums, and any other DDO news we can get!

On that note, we're also looking for volunteers. I need at least one individual who's a member of the DDO Community Forum who can monitor the forum and post the latest updates as they come in! If you're such a fan, and are intrested in volunteering, contact me in our chatroom #Eberron on chat.psionics.net or by email VongKiller18@aol.com

And with that, heres a scoop to start!

Wanna playtest Dungeons and Dragons Online? Sign up for the DDO Beta Test!