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Monday, October 31, 2005

Official Site Update

Sharn Inquisitve, News for Sul, Sypheros 22nd, 998: House Lyrandar Mulls New Airship Routes

STORMHOME -- Airship travelers may soon be able to reach such varied destinations as Starilaskur, Sigilstar, Adderport, Keth, and Stormreach on the Xen'drik coast if House Lyrandar leaders approve an ambitious program of docking tower construction. Yarrick d'Lyrandar, an influential scion of the house, has been negotiating with local leaders for airship towers in those areas, said sources familiar with the negotiations.

Refusing to discuss expansion of the airship routes, Lyrandar officials referred to Yarrick d'Lyrandar's negotiations as "internal house business." Yarrick d'Lyrandar has been traveling aboard the Lyrandar River of Stars airship, which is due to depart Sharn tomorrow.

Lyrandar airships currently connect most of Khorvaire's capital cities and metropolises. Other destinations are available only to those who can afford extraordinary chartering fees, and airship captains flying charters generally have to make do with whatever moorings they can improvise. Chartered airships to Stormreach often tie up at the lighthouse south of the city, for example.

One question that remains unanswered is whether the expansion would entail the commissioning of new Lyrandar airships, including some long-rumored behemoth airships that dwarf the existing 300-foot standard. Airship architects in Zilargo have been experimenting since the latter years of the Last War with elemental binding techniques that would provide sufficient lift to launch such vessels. Read More...

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