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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Official Forum Rundown

The Eberron forum continues to be active, and now it is time again for an official forum rundown.

Many people think low-level play when they think Eberron, but there's plenty of room for some high level action.
If you have any ideas, or need any.
Check this out.

I think we can all agree that the Eberron art, and some of the art has an almost comic-look over it. Here's a thread about the idea of an Eberron comic book.

And what about those Lords of Dust?

For the heroes of Eberron, there's no festive halls and glorious afterlife after you die. Or is there? Do you stay in the realm of the dead, merge with the Silver Flame or what?
Post here.

Breland has the Lantern, Aundair has the eyes and Karrnath has the Dark Cabinet. But is that all?
Spy Groups of Eberron!

And last, what do you do when your player ask for a Deathless Character?

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