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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Official Site Updates

Steal this Hook! Forged in War

The warforged are living constructs parented by both technology and magic. (For more rules and details on warforged, consult the recent Dragonshards: The Warforged Part 1 and Part 2, as well as August's Rules of the Game. Eberron's warforged now face soul-testing conditions of almost excruciating freedom, having been freed from the structure and purpose of the Last War, and they have responded by adapting to those conditions with the single-mindedness, assurance, and ingenuity that only warforged can muster. Today's forged in war focuses on these synthetic citizens of Eberron and the adventures that blossom so naturally around them... Read more.

Magic of Eberron Art Gallery

Magic is a key element in many fantasy campaigns, and you'll find plenty of it in Magic of Eberron. Take at look at some visual representations of arcane and divine spellcasting in this online art gallery that features art from the book. Take a peek for your first look at new art by definitive Eberron artists like Steve Prescott, Mark Tedin, and Igor Alban-Chevalier.

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