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Friday, October 07, 2005

Official Site Update

Previews for: October and Beyond has some information on Magic of Eberron!

What Is Magic of Eberron?

When one speaks of magic in Eberron, one is also speaking of weather, or philosophy, or life itself. Magic is as varied, changing, and as little understood as all these, and it suffuses everything. It is part of the fabric of existence, dancing in the Ring of Siberys and echoing in the vaults of Khyber. Magic, whether it comes from some external but hidden source, or whether it seeps from the land itself as one more renewable resource that can be tapped and utilized, is without question the single most important aspect of the world.

But the word "magic" hides myriad categories of thaumaturgical workings, from essentially pedestrian alchemical marvels to the true miracles of artifice, elemental binding, and the magic of dragons. Beyond even that, the term "magic" can cover the corruptive influence of the daelkyr and their aberrational progeny, psionic power of the quori, and even more esoteric arts.

For instance, the homunculi employed by artificers can provide far more options for the experimenter than is generally understood. Indeed, enterprising artificers can choose not only different types of homunculi, but also to enhance homunculi they already own, increasing their constructs' armor, strength, and other qualities.

Just how are elementals bound into items or vessels? The process developed by the Zil is extensive and exacting, but if followed can lead to the perfect binding every time. Adventurous binders have gone so far as to develop elemental grafts, which function similarly to magic items, but which tie the essence of a living elemental to another creature's body.

What of the elves of Aerenal? They are little understood, and often feared because of their obsession with death. Solitary, mysterious, and disturbing, these elves form the basis of any number of rumors throughout Khorvaire. This tome promises to dispel some of those mysteries.

More truly diabolical are the necromantic arts of Karrnath. While Kaius III, current ruler of Karrnath, has publicly made plain that his nation no longer supports the creation of undead for military purposes, the truth is more nuanced.

In sum, the magic of Eberron is a vast field encompassing far more than can easily be identified in a single tome. It is a world in itself, filled with islands of thought and use that can be identified, clarified, and described in greater depth.


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