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Monday, September 19, 2005

Dragonshard Update, Final

Greetings Dungeoncrawlers,
Well the date is almost here! Tomorrow, September 20th Dragonshard hits the shelves. So this will be our final pre-launch Dragonshard update. I'd like to take this time to thank all of the fans and site managers who have supported us over the duration of this project. I'd also like to welcome our newest fansite Shardgamers to the fold. Make sure to stop by and check out their site when you have time. With that I'm going to send out our last set of screens and our last Q&A with our friends at Liquid. Thanks again for all your continued support and have a great time playing Dragonshard!


DS Enclave: What effects the amount of gold you get from taxes? We know the number of buildings you have determines the max, but what reduces it? captains? henchmen?

LIQUID: Taxes are entirely determined by the current number of buildings that you have constructed. The number of Captains and Soldiers that you have in the field do not detract from this value in order to refrain from punishing players for building up their forces. So don't hold back!

DS Enclave: Can Liquid confirm that the number of captains u can have is capped at 20? This number seems to have changed during the beta process. What is the final number when the game releases?

LIQUID: After much deliberation regarding effective management of large armies, relative map space, and multiplayer performance, we eventually settled on a Captain population cap of 20, which will be the cap in the released version of the game.

Shane DeFreest
Atari Community Manager

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard

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