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Friday, August 19, 2005

Eberron Gencon Scoop

Gamingreport.com has reported some info from an Eberron Seminar at Gencon. Here's the scoop...

Wayne Tonjes Reports: This seminar was run with Ed Stark, Chris Perkins, Keith Baker, Matt Forbeck, Don Bassingthwaite, and Peter Archer at the helm. It started with a basic overview of the current releases from this current year. The latest release is new at the show, The Explorer's Handbook. Upcoming

later this year is the source book Magic of Faerun and a standalone novel The Orb of Xoriat.

In 2006, there will be two game books in the first third of the year. These will be the Player's Guide to Eberron, which is a more compact, player's essential gazetteer, and Voyage of the Golden Dragon, a low level standalone adventure with the potential of a mobile headquarters for further adventurers. Four novels, Road to Death, The Shattered Land, The Grieving Tree, and Tales of the Last War, are also slated for release at that time of 2006.

The more news worthy discussions were the hints about the Xen'drik sourcebook and the Dragon's Afire anthology. While the hints about the sourcebook were sketchy, there was a full color cover image shown with a blown up focus shown here. The details on the anthology were more explicit, announcing that the volume will consist of four novellas by R. A. Salvatore, Keith Baker, Scott McGuff, and Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Each author will represent their respective setting with a corresponding full color dragon page and extended grayscale art.

The seminar concluded with a prolonged question and answer session. Some of the questions touched on future projects, requesting particular packaging arrangements and figurines or suggesting assorted topics like thematic anthologies, Dragonmark house details, and more history sources. Some of the comments were criticism of current or recent products content. A number of questions also touched on how the novelists meshed with the rule base which quite often came down to consultation and author's just playing up creative descriptions of existing mechanics.

A couple of questions were somewhat unique, such as who had final say, which Ed Stark answered with the quip that there is a general "group and it's me." One question was whether there would be an Eberron based film, which was a fairly broad licensing issue that honestly could not be answered further than 'Top men were working on it." It did lead to mention that Atari has come out with an Eberron based game called Dragonshard and the upcoming D&D Online will be set in Eberron as well.

Overall, it was a well-managed session with plenty of information.

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