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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dragonsharc Community Update #17

Greetings Dungeoncrawlers!

We apologise for getting this update out to you a bit late this week. As many of you know there have been concers about the availabilty of the fileplanet demo. We want to make it clear that we're listeing to your concerns and hope to have the issue resolved shortly. In other news our friends at Dragonshard.net have a lot going on this month that your going to want to check out. Their logo contest is still going on and they will be hosting one fo the last chats with Liquid prior to the launch of Dragonshard. Information on the chat is as follows:

Description: Psionics.net
Server: chat.psionics.net
Port: 6667 [default]
Join #eberron


-The DM

Shane DeFreest
Atari Community Manager

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