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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Official Forum Update

Steal This Hook!: Relics of a Bygone Age

No Eberron campaign would be complete without the hunt for history-shaking relics uncovered from dust-choked temples and sinister dungeons. Whether the PCs are on a mission from Morgrave, doing work for the Wayfinders, or questing for the quori, they're sure to love tracking down these relics from a bygone age. Enjoy.

Sharn Inqusitive, News for Sul, Barrakas 15th, 998: Ir'Kalain Urges Q'Barran Emigration

SHARN -- In response to the Breland Parliament's recent Galifaran Heritage resolution, Q'Barran native Joseth ir'Kalain said on Far that his nation, not Breland, is home to those he called the true children of Galifar. "Where else but New Galifar is the flag still flying?" ir'Kalain asked. "Not in Breland, although the members of your Parliament seem intent on wrapping themselves in a flag that's no longer theirs." More...

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