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Monday, August 22, 2005

More Eberron news from Gencon

Gamingreport.com has the scoop again with their report from a "Sneak Previews" seminar at GenCon 2005. The article includes a few newly announced D&D products, as well as new details about a few previously announced books. Here's the scoop for Eberron fans:

Magic of Eberron is the "first real attempt to dive into the various magics available to Eberron players: artificers, dragons, corrupted magic of the daelkyr, all the magic that's been teasing you since the release of the Eberron setting."

The Player's Guide to Eberron is the "ultimate gazeteer to the world of Eberron" full of "two page spreads with information on each spread about a particular topic. For instance, if you are a character from the Shadow Marches, there's information in the guide for your character background and things you can do that others can't. It's 100% player friendly."

The next Eberron adventure, the Voyage Of the Golden Dragon, "centers around a collossal elemental airship that's now a symbol of peace and certain individuals efforts to remove that. It's our 'Titanic.' Unless the players really screw things up, they won't blow up the ship. We wanted to give you a mobile base of operations that the characters can launch from and come back to in their exploration of the world -- full maps and deck plans."

Eberron fans may also be interested in details about the Spell Compendium, Three Dragon Ante, Races of the Dragon, the Red Hand of Doom, the Tome of Magic, Complete Psionic, and Keep of the Fallen Kings. To read it all, click here.

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