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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dungeons and Dragons Online

The Breland Ledger would like to apologize to all the Eberron fans out there for our lack of coverage of Dungeons and Dragons Online, which is based in Eberron. We'll do our best to work to correct the oversight. From now on we'll bring you all the latest in news from the Official Dungeons and Dragons Online Website, all the latest in Developer Posts (and credible rumors) from the DDO Community Forums, and any other DDO news we can get!

On that note, we're also looking for volunteers. I need at least one individual who's a member of the DDO Community Forum who can monitor the forum and post the latest updates as they come in! If you're such a fan, and are intrested in volunteering, contact me in our chatroom #Eberron on chat.psionics.net or by email VongKiller18@aol.com

And with that, heres a scoop to start!

Wanna playtest Dungeons and Dragons Online? Sign up for the DDO Beta Test!

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