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Monday, September 26, 2005

Official Site Update

Sharn Inquisitive, News for Sul, Rhaan 15th, 998: Anticipation Builds for New Roll of Honor

WROAT -- Guildmasters, war heroes, and other prominent citizens of Breland are awaiting the autumn Roll of Honor with great interest. This document, issued by the crown every quarter, grants noble titles to those who have served Breland with distinction. Aides to King Boranel confirmed that the list of newly minted nobles is nearly complete and should be released by general proclamation within the next two weeks.

Boranel's spring and summer Rolls of Honor included many successful merchants and guildmasters. The elevation of such citizens to the nobility is believed to be a conscious effort on the crown's part to tie Breland's mercantile power to its political power. Read More...

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