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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Even more Eberron reviews

Silven Crossroads and game designer Sean K. Reynolds have both posted reviews of the Eberron campaign setting book. Lance from Silven Crossroads gives a glowing review. Sean takes a close critical look, performing a thorough critique of the setting's new mechanics, but leads to a positive conclusion.

Lance Kepner's Eberron review

Sean K. Reynolds' review

New Dragonshards article

The second Dragonshards article by Keith Baker is now available on the official home page. It provides more details on the factors leading up to the Last War, and offers suggestions for running your campaign in the context of a war-torn world.

The Last War

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Another Eberron review at RPGnet

A new review of Eberron has been posted at RPGnet. You can read it here. Eberron creator Keith Baker posted a response to clear up some potentially misleading details in the review.

Get in touch with Eberron fans

As Eberron's fan base grows, it seems like every day there's a new way to interact with Eberron fans online.

Irish Eberron fan mytholder has created an Eberron discussion site on LiveJournal. It just started today, so add comments now to get the discussion started!

For real-time discussion, check out BrooklynKnight's Eberron IRC Chatroom (chat.psionics.net #eberron). In order to use the chatroom, you must have an IRC chat program like mIRC. You can also access a Java-based IRC client through ENworld.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Enhanced Eberron character sheet

In a post on the Eberron forums today, Reveal shared a "fillable and autocalculating" version of WotC's official Eberron character sheet. That means you can open the PDF, type your character's information in the fields, and save or print it for a high-quality look. Some fields, like skills and armor class, will automatically update as you make changes. Click below to download this great character sheet:

Reveal's Eberron Character Sheet

To open and use the file, you'll need a zip utility and a recent version of Adobe Reader.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Eberron reviews at RPGnet

The first Eberron reviews are starting to roll in at RPGnet, including one by yours truly. Both reviews are positive, though we have different opinions about the setting's power level. Read both reviews by clicking below!

R.E. Davis' Eberron Review

Johnny's Eberron Review

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Eberron Forum Watch - 6/24

Looking to spice up your Eberron game? Check out some great threads on the official message board.

Racism in Eberron: When you're calling someone a mongrel, mudface, forgery or bolthole, you'd better be sure it's worth it ...and that you're picking the most offensive possible term. Read up on Eberron racial slurs here, or contribute your own.

Modern Menaces of Eberron: First, the D20 Modern Menace Manual updated D&D monsters for modern-day gameplay. Now, you can see what some of the Menace Manual's more unique creatures look like when they're converted back to D&D.

People and Places - Steel Smith: Check out this warforged blacksmith, whose shop is a site you can drop into any Sharn adventure. It even features an NPC write-up and some adventure hooks!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Want to write an Eberron novel?

Whether you're an aspiring writer or an established professional, Wizards of the Coast Book Publishing wants to hear your ideas. From now until August 31, WotC is holding a call for submissions from talented writers for the last in a series of "War-Torn" Eberron novels exploring characters whose lives have been deeply affected by the Last War. The initial call is for a one-page plot synopsis and a 10-page "excerpt." Think you've got what it takes? Learn more here.

Wizards of the Coast hasn't announced when the first novels in the War-Torn series will appear on store shelves, but author Matt Forbeck has mentioned that his Eberron novel will be released in early 2005.

More Q&A with Keith

Does this man ever sleep? Keith Baker, posting as Hellcow on the EN World message boards, is graciously responding to another Q&A thread. To read it from the beginning, click here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ongoing Q&A with Keith Baker

Have a question about the Eberron campaign setting? For a growing list of answers to thought-provoking questions, check out the Ask Keith Baker thread on the official message boards.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Character Sheets, Dragonshards, and the Complete Art Gallery

The official Eberron homepage had several updates this weekend!

Eberron Character Sheets: Based on the Deluxe Character Sheets D&D accessory, these multi-page sheets are tailor-made for Eberron PCs.

Adn So it Begins: The first article in the new "Dragonshards" column by Eberron creator Keith Baker provides a list of questions for players to consider when creating their first Eberron characters.

Eberron Campaign Setting Art Gallery: If you haven't picked up the book yet, check out its awesome art here! Fans who already have the book will want to take a close look at images that didn't make it into the final release, including the Aundair Dragonhawk, the Tribex, and Xen'drik ruins.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

A New Beginning

Eberron is finally here! After an initial release in isolated areas, the Eberron campaign setting book is now on store shelves across North America and Europe. Though no sales data is available, it's enjoying positive reviews and has been a popular discussion topic on D&D message boards. As the year continues, it's safe to say that more and more people will be exploring the exciting new world of Eberron.

Thus far, the Eberron Journal has been focused on previewing the new campaign setting, collecting information and hints in an effort to keep D&D fans informed. Now it's time to shift into phase two and focus on being a great resource for people already enjoying Eberron.

Over the next two weeks, you'll see more fan-created content on the Eberron Journal, along with articles that suggest how to use the D&D books you already own in an Eberron campaign. This page will point to Eberron news stories, new articles on the Eberron Journal, and interesting discussions or clever ideas that appear on the official Eberron message board. This page won't always update on a daily basis, but we'll do our best to keep the news fresh.

I'll see you in Khorvaire!