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Friday, April 29, 2005

RPGA Mark of Heroes: Deathknell Fast Play Characters

The RPGA has added four new fastplay character using miniatures from Deathknell, the latest miniatures expansion set. They include a new human fighter (Soldier of Thrane), a warforged wizard, a dwarf artificer and a human bard. The pregenerated characters can be used for fastplay in the Mark of Heroes campaign, as PCs (or NPCs) in a home campaign, or just to see examples of Eberron characters.

Also, the miniature unlocks have been added for all 10 fastplay characters.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Official Site Updates

Steal This Hook!
Airship Action

Sharn Inquisitive:
Councillor Advocates Gladiator Fight Legalization

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Warforged on Dungeon 123 Cover

Paizo Publishing has posted the cover of Dungeon 123, which includes a warforged fighting a dinosaur.

RPGA Mark of Heroes at Origins

The RPGA site has posted adventure descriptions for two yet-to-be-released Mark of Heroes modules:

EMH-5 Gambit at Darkhold
An inspired killer claims to know the mystery of the Sarlonian puzzle orb, but he'll only share such knowledge upon release from Darkhold prison. The Diggers' Union has sent you secure his release. An adventure optimized for 4th-level characters.

EMH-6 Blind Man's Hunt
Something hunts the moors around a blind lord's manor in Thrane. He calls on the Diggers' Union to stop the devilry before it attracts the attention an inquisition of the Silver Flame. An adventure optimized for 4th-level characters.

Races of Eberron character portraits online

The official site has updated with Eberron character portraits. The black-and-white images are perfect for portraying new changeling, warforged, kalashtar and shifter characters. Check 'em out!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Domain Names

The Eberron Journal and Breland Ledger are pleased to announce that we have purchased domain names to make it easier for fans to remember our sites web address.

will lead you to our splash page and directly to our mother site!

will lead you here, to the news page, so you can get the latest in Eberron news!

The previous addresses still work so you dont have to update your links or anything. But this way its easier to remember our home on the go! Enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Using Psionics in Eberron

The Eberron Journal has updated with a new article in its Lore section, Using Psionics in Eberron. The article examines the incorporation of psionics into an Eberron campaign, including interactions between psionics and magic, starting classes for playable races, and sources of psionic power. It summarizes its points with a set of suggested house rules for Eberron DMs. To read the article, click here!

New Official Site Updates

The Role of Dragons

Sharn Inquisitive:
Red Gauntlet Regiment Reunites in Sharn

Thursday, April 14, 2005

New Official Site Updates

Mark of Heroes:
Campaign Cards - Spring 2005

Art Gallery:
Races of Eberron art

Races of Eberron excerpts

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Interview with Devil's Due Reveals Eberron Comic

An interview with Devil's Due at Gaming Report reveals information on their upcoming Eberron graphic novel series:

...As for Eberron, we've only begun roughly planning things out, so we haven't had any discussions with Keith or any other author yet...
...With Eberron, we'll be playing our own small part in establishing that universe, so we have no net beneath us in terms of how stories and characters are constructed.
...The sky is the limit for Eberron, with a ton of untapped territory. There are some very interesting new races, such as WarForge, and the Elves are a very mysterious race in this world. We're not set on any specific story just yet, but stay tuned. Most likely we will feature as many different races as we can, and in the theme of the game, it will involve lots of traveling and have a "swashbuckling" vibe...

Dragonshard developer's chat this Thursday

This Thursday, Dragonshard.net will be hosting an IRC chat with the developers of Dragonshard, the first computer game set in Eberron.

Thursday 14th April at 8:00 pm EST
IRC CHAT SERVER: irc.darkmyst.org
CHANNEL: #Dragonshard

Dragonshard is a real-time strategy game that has been created by Liquid Entertainment with input from Keith Baker. It will be released in June.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Lords of False Presage Part 4: Dharvos

The Eberron Journal has posted a new article in the Lords of False Presage series. The latest article, written by Peter "ieattrollsforbreakfast" Gingell, details an ancient spider assassin named Dharvos, the Veiled Fang. Read on to learn about Dharvos' fascination with dragonmarks, the spies of the Veiled Fang, and Dharvos himself.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Upcoming Dragon & Dungeon Magazine Articles

A few scoopers on EN World have posted the previews for the upcoming Eberron related articles in Dragon and Dungeon magazines:

Dungeon 123

Crypt of Crimson Stars
by Andy Collins and James Wyatt

Rumors of an Eberron dragonshard of enormous size and power have reached the ears of Tophran Damilek, one of Sharn’s wealthiest citizens. Unfortunately, the shard seems to be concealed within a trap-laden temple-tomb located below a village of cruel halfling nomads and their dinosaur pets. “Crypt of Crimson Stars” is the first installment of the three-part “Shards of Eberron” Campaign Arc, which debuted at Gen Con Indy 2004 as the official D&D Open tournament, sponsored by the RPGA. An Eberron adventure for 6th-level characters.

Dragon 332

Cult of the Dragon Below
by Keith Baker

EBERRON's creator gives us insight into the diabolical plans of those who worship the horrors of Khyber, the Dragon Below.

RPGA Mark of Heroes: Converting the Faithful

The latest RPGA Mark of Heroes update, Converting the Faithful, helps new players convert to the new religions of Eberron. Be sure to check it out if you're unfamiliar with the Eberron setting, or if you want to see which Eberron gods correspond to the default gods in the core rulebooks.

D&D Online Alpha Signups

D&D Online is now accepting applications for Alpha Signups:

Turbine and the DDO Team are excited to announce that Alpha Registrations for Dungeons & Dragons Online are now open to the community in the Members Only forum! Please note: at this time, Alpha signup is reserved for registered DDO forum members only. Non-forum members who attempt to sign up during this exclusive signup period will be disqualified from participating in the Alpha.

Races of Eberron preview at official site

Races of Eberron is now available in specialty gaming stores around the nation. To support the book's launch, Wizards.com has included an excerpt of the book's content in its Previews for April and Beyond.

The excerpt details the use of Eberron races in other campaign worlds, a sampling of racial feats and the changeling Recaster prestige class.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Races of Eberron reported in stores

Races of Eberron has shipped and is now reaching some stores. Booksellers are prohibited from actually putting the book on shelves until Friday, April 8, but official forum member Sucros was lucky enough to spend a few minutes flipping through the book on Tuesday. He's doing his best to answer questions about the book's content.

Be sure to visit your friendly local gaming store on Friday or reserve a copy online today!

UPDATE: This story previously included an inaccurate release date. The Breland Ledger apologizes for inconvenience this may have caused. (Of course, with a high enough Diplomacy check, you might still get the book from a specialty retailer a day early...)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dragonshard Community Update

Atari has provided Eberron fans with the first "Dragonshard Community Update," a series of posts on the official forums that provides details about the upcoming real-time strategy game developed by Liquid Entertainment with the participation of Eberron creator Keith Baker.

The first community update details resource types and system requirements. For more on Dragonshard, visit the official site.

Monday, April 04, 2005

New Official Site Updates

Lycanthropes and the Purge

Sharn Inquisitive:
Korranberg Library Shares Records

Saturday, April 02, 2005

New work by Eberron artist Lee Moyer

Dragonmark designer and Eberron artist Lee Moyer has graciously provided the Eberron Journal with an original piece of Eberron-inspired art. This is a piece that Lee created during the Eberron design process, but never submitted to Wizards of the Coast:

"Following Orders"

To see how the piece looked at different stages in the painting process, click here. These images are also proudly hosted at the Eberron Journal's gallery page, along with other official and rare images you can use to inspire your next adventure.