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Monday, August 29, 2005

Monster of the Week - Karrnathi Bloodwolf

A new monster has been uploaded to the Eberron Bestiary. The latest addition to the archives is a fearsome, cannibalistic wolf from the northern forests of Karrnath, perfect as a wilderness encounter or as an animal companion. Read more about the Karrnathi Bloodwolf here, or leave your comments in the thread at the official forums here.

Here is a sneak preview:

A hulking wolf with thick, grey fur decorated with crimson patches paces towards you. It bares its teeth and growls.

The Karrnathi bloodwolf is a fearsome predator native to the Karrnwood and Icewood. It is stronger and slightly larger than the typical wolf, with thick fur and layers of fat and muscle to keep it warm through the harsh Karrnathi winters.
Bloodwolves are fiercely territorial, easy to anger, and difficult to keep quiet. A chorus of bloodwolf howls echoes through the forests each night, a mixture of high-pitched screams and deep, rumbling growls. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the behaviour of bloodwolves is their cannibalism. Bloodwolves commonly fight to the death to control territory, then eat the loser. For young bloodwolves, playtime can be just as bloody and even as deadly as such battles, and a bloodwolf that has eaten its own sibling often rises to lead the pack. For this reason, bloodwolfs have larger litters but smaller packs than most other wolves.

Official Site Update

Sharn Inquisitive, News for Sul, Barrakas 15th, 998: Ambassador Protests Warhorse Sales

Valenar Ambassador Protests Warhorse Sales

SHARN -- A recent auction of Valenar warsteeds amounts to "wholesale theft of our heritage as a warrior people," Valenar ambassador Daera Sorandal said on Mol. Speaking from the great hall of the Caerlyn's Blade stronghold in Middle Dura, Sorandal insisted that city leaders should enact laws to prevent future sales of the special warhorses that are held in high regard by the seminomadic elves of southeast Khorvaire. Read More...

New Official Forum Rundown

It's time again, for an official forum rundown.

The forum has been buzzing, and here's an overview of some of the interesting threads.

As we know, shifters and lycanthropes have some connection, but what would actually happen if a shifter got bitten by a lycan?

The Daelkyr are the lords of madness, but how come they look so human then?

Here are two very excellent threads on how to run the Quori and the Lords of Dust.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Official Site Update

Map Gallery: Magic of Eberron

In a surprise move, the official site has posted images from the forthcoming Magic of Eberron. It seems likely that Wizards of the Coast intended to publish a map gallery from The Explorer's Handbook and instead posted these unreleased images. Either way, it's a tantalizing preview of what Magic of Eberron includes!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dragonshard Developer Chat

Don't forget that Dragonshard.Net, in association with the Breland Ledger and Eberron Journal, is hosting a chat with the developers of the new Eberron real-time strategy game Dragonshard tonight. The chat will begin tonight at 7pm PST (10PM EST).

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Join #eberron

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gamespy Videogame Scoops

Gamespy has got the scoop on Dragonshard and D&D Online: Stormreach.

Each game has a 2 page review written up. Enjoy!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Official Site Updates

Dragonshards: The Reach of Riedra, Part Two

Riedra and Adar

Most citizens of Khorvaire know even less about Adar than they do about Riedra. Adar is only loosely a country, and it does not maintain embassies. Adaran communities exist in many of the major cities of Khorvaire, but the typical Brelish commoner can't tell a Riedran from an Adaran -- or potentially, an Adaran from a citizen of Thrane. The people of Khorvaire first came from Sarlona, and with the many different environments found across the continent there is no uniform appearance for Riedrans. Accent, dress, and mannerisms are the keys to identification, and without Knowledge (geography) or experience with the culture, a normal citizen of Khorvaire can't tell the difference between the people of the two nations. Read more...

Sharn Inquisitive, News for Sul, Barrakas 15th, 998: Wyverns Menace Northern Zilargo

OSKILOR -- Nightly wyvern attacks on towns and villages from Revan to Dragonroost have local lords clamoring for intervention from the Triumvirate. "Our militia is simply overmatched -- we've never seen assaults like this," said Gallina Intriak of Reven. "More and more of the creatures seem to come every night, and they're getting bolder." Read more...

Monster of the Week - Q'barran Acid Vine

A new monster has been uploaded to the Eberron Bestiary, an unusual branch of the assassin vine family with an affinity for the acidic bogs of the Q'barran jungles. Rumoured to be created by a long dead guardian of Haka'torvhak, the acid vine is sure to be a thorn in your players' side. For the full story, check it out here.

Here is a sneak preview:

A large bulbous pod hovers just below the surface of the bog, and hundreds of vines, thick and thin, spring out to cover the surrounding trees and the forest floor. As you creep closer, the vines spring to life, grasping for your limbs.

The Q’barran acid vine is a relative of the infamous assassin vine. Although it is slightly larger and more deadly, it lacks the mobility of the assassin vine, growing in acid bogs and remaining indefinitely. As such, the bogs that are home to these deadly plants are often filled with the bodies of victims, slowly pickling, or in the more dangerous bogs, dissolving, to nourish the acid vine.

More Eberron news from Gencon

Gamingreport.com has the scoop again with their report from a "Sneak Previews" seminar at GenCon 2005. The article includes a few newly announced D&D products, as well as new details about a few previously announced books. Here's the scoop for Eberron fans:

Magic of Eberron is the "first real attempt to dive into the various magics available to Eberron players: artificers, dragons, corrupted magic of the daelkyr, all the magic that's been teasing you since the release of the Eberron setting."

The Player's Guide to Eberron is the "ultimate gazeteer to the world of Eberron" full of "two page spreads with information on each spread about a particular topic. For instance, if you are a character from the Shadow Marches, there's information in the guide for your character background and things you can do that others can't. It's 100% player friendly."

The next Eberron adventure, the Voyage Of the Golden Dragon, "centers around a collossal elemental airship that's now a symbol of peace and certain individuals efforts to remove that. It's our 'Titanic.' Unless the players really screw things up, they won't blow up the ship. We wanted to give you a mobile base of operations that the characters can launch from and come back to in their exploration of the world -- full maps and deck plans."

Eberron fans may also be interested in details about the Spell Compendium, Three Dragon Ante, Races of the Dragon, the Red Hand of Doom, the Tome of Magic, Complete Psionic, and Keep of the Fallen Kings. To read it all, click here.

Official Forum Rundown

So yet again, it’s time for a Official Forum Rundown.

It’s Monday, so not a lot of action. But here’s what’s happening at the moment.

Keith is back from GenCon, so remember to check out the AKB-thread.

The next Eberron book is supposed to be Magic of Eberron. Already, people are discussing what we want to see in this book.
Dragon and Daelkyr magic? Elemental Binding? Dragonshards? The Planes?

Tell us what you want here.

Lastly an interesting discussion about the Dark Six is to be found here.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Eberron Gencon Scoop

Gamingreport.com has reported some info from an Eberron Seminar at Gencon. Here's the scoop...

Wayne Tonjes Reports: This seminar was run with Ed Stark, Chris Perkins, Keith Baker, Matt Forbeck, Don Bassingthwaite, and Peter Archer at the helm. It started with a basic overview of the current releases from this current year. The latest release is new at the show, The Explorer's Handbook. Upcoming

later this year is the source book Magic of Faerun and a standalone novel The Orb of Xoriat.

In 2006, there will be two game books in the first third of the year. These will be the Player's Guide to Eberron, which is a more compact, player's essential gazetteer, and Voyage of the Golden Dragon, a low level standalone adventure with the potential of a mobile headquarters for further adventurers. Four novels, Road to Death, The Shattered Land, The Grieving Tree, and Tales of the Last War, are also slated for release at that time of 2006.

The more news worthy discussions were the hints about the Xen'drik sourcebook and the Dragon's Afire anthology. While the hints about the sourcebook were sketchy, there was a full color cover image shown with a blown up focus shown here. The details on the anthology were more explicit, announcing that the volume will consist of four novellas by R. A. Salvatore, Keith Baker, Scott McGuff, and Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Each author will represent their respective setting with a corresponding full color dragon page and extended grayscale art.

The seminar concluded with a prolonged question and answer session. Some of the questions touched on future projects, requesting particular packaging arrangements and figurines or suggesting assorted topics like thematic anthologies, Dragonmark house details, and more history sources. Some of the comments were criticism of current or recent products content. A number of questions also touched on how the novelists meshed with the rule base which quite often came down to consultation and author's just playing up creative descriptions of existing mechanics.

A couple of questions were somewhat unique, such as who had final say, which Ed Stark answered with the quip that there is a general "group and it's me." One question was whether there would be an Eberron based film, which was a fairly broad licensing issue that honestly could not be answered further than 'Top men were working on it." It did lead to mention that Atari has come out with an Eberron based game called Dragonshard and the upcoming D&D Online will be set in Eberron as well.

Overall, it was a well-managed session with plenty of information.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dragonshard Community Update

Shane DeFreest, Atari Community Manager, interviews Eberron creator Keith Baker:

The DM: The Dragonshard fans know you worked with Liquid on some early design concepts for the game. Can you tell us what your role was conceptually and how much you contributed to project?

Keith: Liquid and Atari brought me in at the start of the process to help develop the story and make sure that things had a solid connection to Eberron. When I came on board, the general story was already in place: it was a three-way conflict in Xen'drik between lizardfolk, drow, and a force from Khorvaire. I brought my knowledge of Eberron to things, and through brainstorming sessions we developed the story as it stands: the history of the Umbragen and the Ring of Storms, the lizardfolk society, and more about the alliance from Khorvaire. I helped develop the heroes of each side, and the overall story arc driving each side, working to tie these things into the history of Eberron -- the Silver Flame, the fall of the civilization of the giants, and so on. I created the first story bible for the game, outlining the mission arcs for the sides.
Of course, that was a year ago, and things change in development. So while I worked on the initial storyline, I don't know how closely the final product adheres to that first pass.

In addition to my work for Liquid, I also wrote two articles allowing DMs to bring the flavor of Dragonshard to the gaming table. Dragon #330 includes "Shapers of Shadow: the Umbragen," and Dungeon #122 contains "The Ring of Storms."

The DM: Eberron, the setting you created that Dragonshard is set in recently won the prestigious Origins Award. What was it like winning the award and how does it feel to know thousands of people across the world are playing in something you created?

Keith: It's an amazing feeling. I've received questions from people in Sweden, Russia, and Poland, and I have a copy of the Eberron Campaign Setting in German. I always wanted to work in the RPG industry, but I never imagined that I'd be part of something as big as this. I just hope that people continue to enjoy the world and what we do with it in the future -- both with the pen-and-paper games, and projects like Dragonshard and D&D Online.

Official Forum Rundown

Official Forum Rundown

Here we are again, with a new Official Forum Rundown. Let’s take a look what’s hot on the Official Forum for our favorite setting, Eberron.

The Karrnathi skeleton is being discussed here, and some of us want Wizards to open a new forum.

Xen’Drik is the lost continent of the Giants; give your view of it here.

Eberron has some great horror elements, like the Daelkyr, Khyber or the Cult of the Dragon Below. Wanna run a horrific campaign? Look here.

That’s all for now. But come back later this week, and there’ll be a whole new Official Forum Rundown.

Official Forum Update

Steal This Hook!: Relics of a Bygone Age

No Eberron campaign would be complete without the hunt for history-shaking relics uncovered from dust-choked temples and sinister dungeons. Whether the PCs are on a mission from Morgrave, doing work for the Wayfinders, or questing for the quori, they're sure to love tracking down these relics from a bygone age. Enjoy.

Sharn Inqusitive, News for Sul, Barrakas 15th, 998: Ir'Kalain Urges Q'Barran Emigration

SHARN -- In response to the Breland Parliament's recent Galifaran Heritage resolution, Q'Barran native Joseth ir'Kalain said on Far that his nation, not Breland, is home to those he called the true children of Galifar. "Where else but New Galifar is the flag still flying?" ir'Kalain asked. "Not in Breland, although the members of your Parliament seem intent on wrapping themselves in a flag that's no longer theirs." More...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Monster of the Week - Blessed of Vulkoor

A new monster has been uploaded to the Eberron Bestiary, a divine race of aberrations known as the Blessed of Vulkoor. Created from faithful drow, these scorpion-like holy warriors are a force to be reckoned with. For the full story, check it out here.

Here is a sneak preview:

Before you stands an ebony-skinned elf scarred with white patterns across its body. Body plates jut from its skin, and a huge pincer is in place of its left arm. A tall scorpion tail arches over its head.

The scorpion god known as Vulkoor has his champions among the drow of Xen’drik, the most elite of which are subject to a divine transmutation ritual that alters their form permanently. The Blessed of Vulkoor combine scorpion and drow traits, making them as important in battle as they are spiritual. The Blessed are always revered as divine messengers, delivering the wrath of Vulkoor with no mercy.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Official Forum Rundown

Hello and welcome the rebirth of an old feature here on the Breland Ledger. From now we'll be posting links to the the Official Forums most intresting threads up to three times a week!

We start out with an oldie but goldie, the Ask Keith Baker thread. Ask the creater of Eberron about anything. Of course, remember to check your ECS before asking questions like "What is a warforged?" or "What's the origin of the Kalashtar?".

Five Nations hit the shelves last month, and many of us agree that it's a great book. Of course it isn't perfect, look at some plusses and minuses here.

This month we got the Explorers Handbook. How do you survive a crashing airship? And how do you blend in with the crowd? It's all in that book.
But is it worth the money? Give your opinion in this thread.

The editors of our beloved Eberron books aren't perfect of course. Fortunately we got great readers who can tell us some of the mistakes.
Look here for more.

The Last War has come to an end. But if it had continued? Who would have won?

You like fiends? Here's a great discussion about where some of them belong.

With Eberron, we got a new race called the Changeling. With the ability to change it's features. But how far does this ability extend?

And remember If you've got a suggestion for a hot forum topic, or an Eberron scoop, then you can always join us in our Chatroom!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Eberron Bestiary Elite

The Eberron Bestiary has launched a new feature today, the Bestiary Elite. The feature will provide detailed NPCs created by advancing the Bestiary's own monsters. The first in the series, a cunning shapeshifter with a hatred for the Tyrants of Sharn, can be found here.

Here's a sneak preview:

Lady Evelia ir'Larna
Female masque sorcerer 4/ranger 2

The young, beautiful half-elf before you wears a stunning glamerweave gown of blue and black, which glows as if bathed in the multicoloured moonlight of Eberron. At her hips, a pair of ceremonial Aerenal blades is buckled to a silver belt. Her features are perfect, her smile divine, and her eyes calculating. She carries herself with the grace and arrogance of a noble.

To the average Sharn citizen, Lady Evelia is nothing more than a spoilt young socialite with far too much time on her hands. To the well-informed citizen, Evelia is a well-connected half-elf who loves to have people wrapped around her little finger. Indeed, most of these facts are true, though no one knows of the terrible creature that hides behind innocent façade, at least as far as Evelia knows.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dragonshard Community Update

From Shane DeFreest, Atari Community Manager:

Greetings, Dungeoncrawlers! As many of you know the clock is ticking towards the Dragonshard launch. With little more than a month left before the game hits the shelves, we're going to try and get as much information out to you as possible. For those of you who have not had a chance to play the single player demo you can get it here or our friends at Worth Playing have mirrored it on their site.

In other news, Dragonshard will be shown at this years Gen Con Indy. So make sure to stop by the Atari booth and check it out. Lastly, don't forget that Dragonshard.Net, in association with the Breland Ledger and Eberron Journal, will be hosting a developer chat with our friends at Liquid Entertainment Wednesday, August 24th at 7pm PST (10pm EST).

Description: Psionics.net
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Join #eberron

This will be one of the last Chats prior to launch, so make sure to check it out! -The DM

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Want to help the Breland Ledger?

Would you like to help the Breland Ledger live up to its claim of being the web's most frequently-updated Eberron news site? Send an e-mail to brelandledger@gmail.com explaining how you could help up keep the world up to date on Eberron releases, fan-created content, videogames and other licensed products, novels and more! We're looking for up to two more regular staff members to post 2-3 updates per week.

In site news, the Eberron Journal is still offline due to the mysterious cancellation of the web hosting we've never paid for. We're currently searching for a free hosting option for the Journal. If you already run a gaming site and would be willing to host the Eberron Journal, please contact us.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Explorer's Handbook Excerpt at Official Site

The official site has posted a must-see excerpt of the Explorer's Handbook, due in stores this month. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Races of Eberron Chat Log

Dragonshard.net has been gracious enough to host a log of The Breland Ledgers last chat with Keith Baker and company.

The log can be found here.

Dragonshard Developer Chat

Thats right. Dragonshard.net in association with The Breland Ledger and Eberron Journal will be hosting a Developer Chat with the guys who are bringing us the Dragonshard computer game.

The chat will be hosted in our chatroom on Wednesday, August 24th at 7pm PST (10pm EST).

Dragonsharc Community Update #17

Greetings Dungeoncrawlers!

We apologise for getting this update out to you a bit late this week. As many of you know there have been concers about the availabilty of the fileplanet demo. We want to make it clear that we're listeing to your concerns and hope to have the issue resolved shortly. In other news our friends at Dragonshard.net have a lot going on this month that your going to want to check out. Their logo contest is still going on and they will be hosting one fo the last chats with Liquid prior to the launch of Dragonshard. Information on the chat is as follows:

Description: Psionics.net
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-The DM

Shane DeFreest
Atari Community Manager