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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dragon 325 Cover

Paizo has posted the Dragon 325 cover. One of the feature articles is titled "James Wyatt on Creating Eberron".

Monday, September 27, 2004

DDM: Complete List of Aberrations

zqk over at maxminis.com got his hands on the D&D Miniatures poster for the latest set, Aberrations. He posted the list, including pictures from the poster. Several sites are hosting these pics, including MerricB's and Lemonbutter.

The list of Eberron specific figs includes:

Exorcist of the Silver Flame (LG rare)
Warforged Hero (LG rare)
Longtooth Barbarian (CG uncommon)
Sharn Cutthroat (CG uncommon) rumored to be changeling
Valenar Commander (CG rare)
Bladebearer Hobgoblin (LE uncommon)
Emerald Claw Soldier (LE common)
Carrion Tribe Barbarian (CE common)

Coming in at EIGHT figs, Eberron has the largest non-Core (PH, DMG, MM) representation in this set, beating out Complete Series (5), Fiend Folio (3), Miniatures Handbook (3), Monster Manual 2 (2), Book of Exalted Deeds (1), Planar Handbook (1) and Expanded Psionics Handbook (1). Oh yeah, and Forgotten Realms (6). Not that it's a competition or anything...

Dungeon 117 preview: Fallen Angel

thalmin at ENWorld has posted the contents of Dungeon #116. It doesn't appear to have any Eberron specific material, so be sure to pound on Paizo's doors proclaiming outrage! You might not want to throw out the baby just yet; there's an article on the 30 greatest adventures with comments from the almighty Hellcow.

The preview for 117 includes a new adventure in Sharn by Keith Baker to coincide with the city sourcebook:

Fallen Angel
On Olarune 9th in the 918th year since the founding of the Kingdom, one of the city of Sharn's floating towers fell from the sky, leaving much of the Godsgate district a ruin of crushed buildings and shattered glass. Now, a band of bestial savages searches Godsgate for remnants of a broken statue, pulling the PCs into a plot that could destroy Sharn itself. A D&D Eberron adventurefor 4th level characters.

Steal this Hook: Found in a Book

Read any good books lately? How about a giant Xen'drik book the size of a noble's bed? Or one that writes a new page every day predicting the events of tomorrow? Doug Beyer continues his new series of articles of Eberron articles on the official site. What a poetic title:

Steal this Hook: Found in a Book

Dragonshards: 9-27-04

The Official Site has posted the latest Dragonshards article, Shulassakar: Welcome to Sharn!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

DDM: Straight Outa Eberron

The newest preview of WotC's upcoming line of D&D Miniatures, Aberrations, highlights some of the Eberron related minis. Included are the Bladebearer Hobgoblin, the Longtooth Barbarian, the Valenar Commander and the Warforged Hero. Another confirmed Aberrations mini that is not featured is the Sharn Cutthroat; this fig is rumored to be a changeling.

The previous line of D&D Miniatures, Giants of Legend, included the Warforged Fighter and the Warforged Titan.

Official D&D Online Site Live

"Gamers can now unlock the secrets of Stormreach at Turbine Entertainment Software’s official Dungeons & Dragons Online community web site (www.ddo.com ). The Dungeons & Dragons Online web site includes background on the highly anticipated game, insight into the exciting dark and dangerous continent of Xen’drik and developer reports that reveal the behind-the-scenes action in Dungeons & Dragons Online.

The web site features:
  • The latest information about the development of Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • Exclusive artwork and game assets from Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • Official Dungeons & Dragons Online community forums where fans can share their thoughts and D&D experiences and interact with the creative minds behind the game

    Produced by Turbine Entertainment Software in conjunction with publisher Atari, Dungeons & Dragons Online is the heart-stopping online role playing game (ORPG) based on the official license to the world renowned franchise, Dungeons & Dragons. As their favorite D&D class and character, players explore and adventure in the twisted bowels of Stormreach and the surrounding mysterious continent of Xen’drik – a setting wrought with ambition and secret plots. Built on the powerful Turbine Engine technology, Dungeons & Dragons Online delivers breath-taking graphics, fast-paced action and exhilarating D&D adventures for fortune-hunters and their friends.

    Fans can learn more about the game at

  • Monday, September 20, 2004

    Shulasskar: the Feathered Servants

    The latest Dragonshards article, Shulasskar: the Feathered Servants explores the history of the couatl, the rainbow-feathered serpents that battled the tiger-like rakshasas at the dawn of time. It goes on to describe a new race of half-serpents, true ancestors of the yuan-ti, who still serve the couatl. To discuss the mysterious shulasskar, click here.

    Whispers of the Vampire's Blade gallery

    The official site has posted a new gallery featuring art from Whispers of the Vampire's Blade, a new adventure for the Eberron campaign setting. The black and white images by Steve Prescott provide glimpses into new airship types, a Lightning Rail station, a gathering of diverse races, and the vampire's blade itself.

    Thursday, September 16, 2004

    New Site Banner

    If you're intrested in linking to your favorite Eberron News/Content site (this one), by way of banner, then please use our new Breland Journal Banner.

    If you're intrested in using the banner, then copy the banner and link it to http://www.coveworld.net/eberron for our splash page, or http://breland-ledger.blogspot.com/ for the news page.

    A special thanks goes out to Codex in the Eberron Chatroom for his hard work on this banner!

    Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    Lightning Rail and Road Charts

    If you've been using ChaosBug's helpful Lightning Rail chart, you'll be happy to see his new Khorvaire Road chart. Like its counterpart, this table lists the number of miles between prominent destinations in Khorvaire. It even tells you how long it takes to get from place to place, whether you're a lowly gnome or a Valenar elf on a charging stallion.

    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    New Korranberg Chronicle Today

    A new issue of the Korranberg Chronicle is now available. Read it to learn about Sharn's "Dark Defender," the activities of rogue Ashbound agents, the Cordhaar gang, notable inns, sports, fashion, weather, and more!

    Monday, September 13, 2004

    Mysterious Disappearances and the Serens

    The official site has updated with two new articles.

    Mysterious Disappearances is the first in a series of articles by Doug Beyer entitled "Steal This Hook!" Each will present a set of themed adventure hooks. This month, kidnappings and missing persons set the tone for five in-depth hooks and eleven mini-hooks.

    The Serens is the first in a series of Dragonshards articles about the cultures of Eberron. It presents the history and exploits of the Serens, a race of humans who guard the coast of Argonnessen.

    To discuss these articles, head to the official forum.

    Eberron Soundtrack Samples and More

    The official D&D website was updated today with previews of new products, including upcoming Eberron releases.

    As previously reported, the Eberron sourcebook Sharn: City of Towers will be released with a special 45 minute Eberron Soundtrack CD. Three free preview tracks have been posted by WotC here. A free CD with these three tracks was also given out during Gen Con.

    The previews page also features four Monster Manual III excerpts. Three of these, the Cadaver Collector, Skindancer, and Kenku include Eberron-specific information.

    Finally, the official Eberron website has updated with a more detailed description of the second Eberron adventure module, Whispers of the Vampire's Blade.

    Friday, September 10, 2004

    XPH Races in Eberron

    The Expanded Psionics Handbook is a recommended reference for all Eberron players, and the Eberron Campaign Setting book specifically refers to classes and powers found in the XPH. But there's no official home for that book's races, some of which are familiar from past settings and some of which are new.

    Cases like these are the reason the Eberron Journal's Conversions section exists. The latest addition to that set of articles is an article on the Expanded Psionics Handbook Races. The races vary widely in origin and occupy unique places around the globe. If you're a player or DM in a psionically-oriented campaign, check out the article today!

    Thursday, September 09, 2004

    New Eberron content in Dragon #324

    The latest issue of Dragon magazine is now reaching subscribers, and it has something special for Eberron fans. "Living Nightmares: Dream Creatures of Dal Quor" is a ten-page article by Keith Baker detailing five new creatures from the plane of dreams. Especially useful for psionic campaigns, these monsters represent a range of challenge ratings and encounter styles.

    Other general D&D articles in this issue may be useful for Eberron fans. "Chilled to the Bone" features monsters that characters might encounter in the Frostfell or during a harsh Karnnathi winter. "The Ecology of Night Hags" provides detailed information about a creature type that's particularly important in the world of Eberron. The "Sworn Slayer" prestige class could be perfect for an aberration-hunting druid or a Last War veteran who has sworn to rid the world of warforged.

    If you're not a Dragon subscriber, you can pick up issue #324 when it hits newsstands on September 21.

    Fan Music

    A Fanmade "Warforged Theme" MP3 has been posted on the Enworld Forums.

    Wednesday, September 08, 2004

    Keith Baker chat transcript now available

    A full, uncut transcript of our September Q&A session with Keith Baker is now available at the Eberron Journal! Check it out learn new details about Races of Eberron, the Sharn: City of Towers sourcebook, and Keith's Dreaming Dark novels. And remember: the Eberron chat room is always open!

    New Eberron Fan Site: Siberys.com

    A new Eberron fansite is now online. Introducing Siberys, home to fantasy fiction (short stories, comics, fluffy stuff) with parallel adventures and DM Aids, all set in the Eberron Campaign Setting.

    The site also includes a Forum and shares the Breland Ledger's chat room. Welcome to the 'net, Siberys.com!

    Tuesday, September 07, 2004

    Dragonshards - The Khoravar: Half-Elves of Khorvaire

    The Official Website has released a new Dragonshards article. The Khoravar: Half-Elves of Khorvaire shows us how Khorvaire Half-Elves differ from those in other settings.

    Sunday, September 05, 2004

    Bounty of Metal

    The Breland Ledgers Chatroom is adding another online game to its schedule.

    Mondays 8pm EST - Bounty of Metal
    DM: Saurenda
    Level: 3
    Slots Open: 4
    The story of this game focuses on the Lord of Blades and the price on his head by the Brelish third of House Cannith. All WOTC Supplements are allowed, Complete Divine Encouraged. The game has 4 slots open for 3rd level characters. PC's of Brelish origin are highly encouraged. Lurkers are welcome.

    Saturday, September 04, 2004

    Races of Eberron Tidbits

    During tonights Chat, Keith Baker mentioned a few things about Races of Eberron that might be intresting for you to read.

    Although the chat transcript will be posted soon, I figured you readers would appreciate seeing these tidbits sooner.

    <.KeithBaker> Personally -- and just personally -- I don't think that the warforged of Vol would feel a need to become undead. It's about victory over death, and undead is part of that. As for more alive, Races of Eberron will be looking at warforged with Pinochio syndrome.

    <.KeithBaker> Races of Eberron will include a PrC designed for warforged who wish to explore their living aspect, as a balance to the construct-embracing juggernaut.

    <.KeithBaker> Like most of the races of Eberron, drow can be any alignment. However, as a whole, they are hostile towards outsiders and people of Khorvaire. They have a very harsh society; I don't know if I'd say "evil", but not friendly. The scorpion bit will also be explained.

    <.KeithBaker> Drow could be used as player characters, but they will still have level adjustments -- and they are no more common in Khorvaire than they are now. You'd have to figure out what you're doing in Khorvaire and why you've left your family.

    <.KeithBaker> I'm fighting for the Sarlona/Dal Quor book.

    Keith Baker on Indiana Jones:
    <.KeithBaker> I think he'd be a human bard with some ranger levels, some bard levels (but no ranks of Perform, which is why he never sings or inspires people), and some extreme explorer levels.

    Friday, September 03, 2004

    Keith Baker Chat Tonight

    Tonight, September 3rd, at 8pm EST (5pm PST) Keith Baker, the creator of Eberron will be in The Breland Ledger's Chatroom to talk more about Eberron and for a Post Gencon wrapup! Come join us tonight!