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Thursday, October 28, 2004

RPGA Mark of Heroes: Reflections of the Multiverse

WotC has posted descriptions of Gen Con So Cal modules including:

A body in the Wroat Diggers' Union dormitory heralds strange things afoot in Breland’s capital. This adventure is a sneak peek at the upcoming D&D Campaigns: Mark of Heroes set in the exciting Eberron setting.

RPGA Mark of Heroes: Death in Darguun

WotC has posted some info on Winter Fantasy 2005:

Eberron Mark of Heroes campaign kick off, featuring four chances to play in the new campaign setting, including its first delve event: Death in Darguun.

The Eberron Journal returns

The Eberron Journal is back! The cause of its disappearance -- and subsequent return -- is a complete mystery. Thanks to all the Eberron fans who wrote in with web space advice and offers.

We lost some content that was about to go live, but by this weekend, expect to see some new updates. Until then, if you haven't already, check out the Korranberg Chronicle, the Eberron Bestiary, Maps of Eberron, Siberys.com, and Morgrave University.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Another Official Site Update

Steal This Hook!: Ghoulish Tales by Doug Beyer is now on the official site.

Sounds scary!

Official Site Updates

Hi Folks,

A few days ago Wizards posted the Eberron Campaign Setting Book Eratta.

Today the site was updated with the latest Dragonshards.

Dragonshards: The Daughters of Sora Kell, Part 2; another incredible article by Keith Baker, continuing with information on these 3 nefarious women.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Dungeon signs Keith Baker for Adventure Path articles

Dungeon magazine's editor Erik Mona has posted on an EN World thread that Keith Baker will be writing 1,000-word "Eberron Appendices" to the next Adventure Path adventures.

Miniatures Handbook Conversion at the Eberron Journal

The Eberron Journal's popular Conversions section has been updated with an article by first-time contributor Orion Cooper. This conversion covers Miniatures Handbook Classes, including the healer, marshal, warmage, and several prestige classes. (The favored soul, originally introduced in the Miniatures Handbook, is covered in our Complete Divine conversion.)

Character PDFs from Shards of Eberron

The D&D Open: Shards of Eberron event at Gen Con Indy 2004 is now long past, but the fast-play characters created for the event are still useful if you're looking for 6th-level PCs or NPCs.

Tanix, warforged fighter
Larric Zane, shifter barbarian and ranger
Beld the Watchful, human monk
Reginald Pipwhistle, halfling sorcerer
Corlin Faith-Hammer, dwarf favored soul
Sarlis Waylund, elf rogue

Shards of Eberron sent characters on a hunt to retrieve an Eberron dragonshard for Tophran Damilek, one of Sharn’s wealthiest citizens. The next major Eberron RPGA event is the launch of the Mark of Heroes campaign at Gen Con So Cal.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Codex Anathema Petition

There is a petition to WotC asking for Eberron placement suggestions in Codex Anathema. The upcoming aberrations book is not scheduled for release for another six months, so be sure to check it out and post your opinion.

New Sharn Cover

A few posters on the official boards have spotted a change to the cover of the upcoming sourcebook for everyone's favorite Eberron metropolis, Sharn: City of Towers.



Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Marked for Death news from author Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck has posted an update on the progress of his Eberron novel, Marked for Death, Book One of the Lost Mark Trilogy:

I'm getting back into the freelance swing of things again. I polished off the final draft of Marked for Death, the first in my Eberron trilogy, due out in March of 2005. Then I realized I'd made a big goof, and I had to fix that. ("That one-handed character is hanging from the edge of an airship while holding up a paladin with his other hand. I don't think that's possible. How about he just loses a finger?") It's all done now, and hopefully sailing through the editorial process.

I also had to come up with a map for the book. This was a snap, since the book takes place almost entirely in the Mournland, this mysteriously mist-shrouded, half-dead land in the center of the main continent of Khorvaire.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bossy the Cow Updates: Eberron First Level Party

Hellcow is back from Australia with updates to his home page, http://www.bossythecow.com/. Included in his recent updates are blog entries on his recent trip, an announcement of his upcoming chat with the Breland Ledger and a sample Eberron first level fastplay party.

DDM Eberron Figs: Death Knell Wishlist

Kiirnodel has made a post on the official Eberron boards speculating new Eberron figs in the next set of D&D miniatures. Karrnathi Skeletons and Undying Soldiers are two obvious additions, but a few iconics like Elaydren D'Cannith and the Lord of the Blades are also mentioned. Stats conversions are included, with discussion available for point costing. Check it out!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Official Site Updates 10-18-04

The Official Site has been updated with two new Eberron Articles today.

Eberron Under the Glass: Dungeon Exploration. How does an Eberron dungeon differ from a standard cut of the mill dungeon? Sean K Reynolds reveals all!

Dragonshards: The Daughters of Sora Kell, Part 1. Keith Baker gives us some valuable insight into the 3 nefarious daughters of Sora Kell in the latest Dragonshards!

Previews for October and Beyond: Mat Smith delivers an excerpt from Sharn: City of Towers, the University District. The main preview page has more excerpts, such as the NPC Expert/Rogue, Dala Arand. To top it all off we also have a rules table for "taking sides" and a full track listing for the Eberron Soundtrack, which you can find reproduced below.

1. "Cut to the Chase"
2. "Sharn: City of Towers"
3. "Into the Dungeon"
4. "Clash with the Lord of Blades"
5. "Dreams of the Inspired"
6. "Across the Talenta Plains"
7. "Orc Hunters in the Shadow Marches"
8. "Exploring Xen'drik"
9. "Reprise (Main Theme)"

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sean K Reynolds Adds Eberron Material

Sean K Reynolds had added an Eberron section to his website. The latest entry includes an Eberron article series he proposed to WotC ("Encounter Site"). The article submitted is "The Six Widows Inn", an eccentric rest stop. After their husbands died in the Last War, a group of widows convert a charred Boldrei temple into an Inn. What they don't know is the fire was started by an elemental bound to a Khyber Dragonshard located below the church, and everyone from the Cult of the Dragon below to House Lyrandar has an interest in it.

RPGA's Eberron Mark of Heroes at Gen Con So Cal

There is some info on the Gen Con So Cal FAQ regarding the upcoming Eberron RPGA campaign. As previously reported, "Mark of Heroes" will officially replace the Forgotten Realms "Legacy of the Green Regeant" campaign during Winter Fantasy 2005. The FAQ for Gen Con So Cal gives a brief description of the character generation rules:

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS CAMPAIGNS: MARK OF HEROES-This D&D campaign is set in EBERRON. It uses the standard point buy method (25 points) to generate stats. Characters start at 1st-level with maximum gold for their level (extrapolate from information on page 111 of the D&D Player's Handbook). The campaign offers fastplay characters for players who lack the time or inclination to create their own characters. You can download the fastplay characters from the RPGA website.

The last statement appears to be false; the fastplay characters are not yet available on the RPGA site.

The module that will be available at Gen Con So Cal is titled "EMH-1 Reflections of the Multiverse". No word yet as to if or when this module will be available through the RPGA.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Online Chat Workshop

The Breland Ledger will be holding its monthly online chat workshop with Eberron creator Keith Baker on Friday October 22nd at 9:30pm EST. Join us in our Chatroom.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Korranberg Chronicle Issue Six

Issue six of the Korranberg Chronicle is now live! Check out the latest news from around the Five Nations at http://www.kchronicle.com.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Dragonshards: Elves of Valenar, Part 2

The latest Dragonshards article is up at the Official Site for your reading enjoyment: The Elves of Valenar, Part 2.

Steal This Hook: Scofflaw Heroics

Doug Beyer's latest "Steal This Hook" article has been posted on the official site. Check out Scofflaw Heroics for a look at adventure hooks that put good heroes at odds with law enforcement.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dragonshards: Elves of Valenar

A new Dragonshards article has been posted.

Elves of Valenar: Part 1.

Under the Glass: Artifact Hunt

The Official Site has a new Eberron Article series up.

One of ForgottenRealms' best writers has moved to writing content for Eberron. The Breland Ledger would like to give a warm and hearty greetings to Sean K Reynolds and a congradulations on his first Eberron article for WOTC.

Under The Glass: Artifact Hunt. This new column will look at how to handle the staple themes of a D&D Adventure in an Eberron Campaign. From lost artifacts and lost lore, to old dusty books and goblin insurrections. Eberron does things a bit diffrently, and now with Sean's help we can all learn how to tweek our adventures to the right tune.

Sean K Reynolds has his own website at www.seankreynolds.com that includes Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk fan content, and hopefully some Eberron content in the future!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Two new articles at the Eberron Journal

The Eberron Journal has updated with two new articles!

Unconventional Ancestors provides new options for Eberron sorcerers. We know your sorcerer is connected to Siberys, but what monstrous ancestors have you had since then? This article presents themed spell lists for sorcerers with couatl, doppleganger, night hag and rakshasa ancestry.

The Common to Goblin Translator can turn a string of English words into something that sounds like the language of Eberron's goblins. Don't expect to back-translate existing Goblin words using the translator, but it's an easy way to provide flavorful names and passages.