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Monday, October 18, 2004

Official Site Updates 10-18-04

The Official Site has been updated with two new Eberron Articles today.

Eberron Under the Glass: Dungeon Exploration. How does an Eberron dungeon differ from a standard cut of the mill dungeon? Sean K Reynolds reveals all!

Dragonshards: The Daughters of Sora Kell, Part 1. Keith Baker gives us some valuable insight into the 3 nefarious daughters of Sora Kell in the latest Dragonshards!

Previews for October and Beyond: Mat Smith delivers an excerpt from Sharn: City of Towers, the University District. The main preview page has more excerpts, such as the NPC Expert/Rogue, Dala Arand. To top it all off we also have a rules table for "taking sides" and a full track listing for the Eberron Soundtrack, which you can find reproduced below.

1. "Cut to the Chase"
2. "Sharn: City of Towers"
3. "Into the Dungeon"
4. "Clash with the Lord of Blades"
5. "Dreams of the Inspired"
6. "Across the Talenta Plains"
7. "Orc Hunters in the Shadow Marches"
8. "Exploring Xen'drik"
9. "Reprise (Main Theme)"

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