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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Under the Glass: Artifact Hunt

The Official Site has a new Eberron Article series up.

One of ForgottenRealms' best writers has moved to writing content for Eberron. The Breland Ledger would like to give a warm and hearty greetings to Sean K Reynolds and a congradulations on his first Eberron article for WOTC.

Under The Glass: Artifact Hunt. This new column will look at how to handle the staple themes of a D&D Adventure in an Eberron Campaign. From lost artifacts and lost lore, to old dusty books and goblin insurrections. Eberron does things a bit diffrently, and now with Sean's help we can all learn how to tweek our adventures to the right tune.

Sean K Reynolds has his own website at www.seankreynolds.com that includes Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk fan content, and hopefully some Eberron content in the future!

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