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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Webcomic adventures in... Eberrok?

The webcomic DnDorks has a storyline that follows the junior casts adventures in the world of "Eberrok."

The adventure as such begins here. To know the players, start reading from this strip.

Some of you may also remember that DnDorks has mentioned Eberron before...

DDO.com Update

We have added three class-specific videos to the gallery. Are you wondering what the bard brings to the table? Would you like to see a rogue in action? Perhaps you are curious about the powerful wizard?

Click here to see the new videos.:


Monster of the Week - Etherclaw Drone

This week the Eberron Bestiary kicks of a new group of monsters with the Etherclaw Drone. The Etherclaws are deformed outsiders from Daanvi, but now spread their curse through the material plane. The tiny drones carry the cursed seed to reproduce their kind. A great swarm encounter for mid level characters, and great for setting the scene when you pull out the bigger, nastier Etherclaws . The Etherclaw warrior will come next week.

Here is a sneak preview:

The hideous creature before you stands just less than two feet tall. Its lower half is a cluster of six chitinous, knife-like legs that clatter on the ground as it skitters towards you. Its upper half is a shimmering blue, ethereal spire.

The Etherclaw Hive Mind is a vast network of psionic potential that flows throughout Khyber, from the bowels of the Labyrinth to the enclaves of the Umbragen. Colonies of these creatures can be found across Eberron, concentrated into large groups in small, critical locations. A strike from an etherclaw colony is fast, efficient and lethal to those that oppose them. On top of all this, the psionic hive mind allows the attacks to be precisely timed and well planned. Current rumours among the creatures of Khyber whisper that the etherclaws are congregating beneath the Mournland, drawn to its unnatural power as if they recognise it.Etherclaw colonies consist of a number of distinct castes, with the drones, warriors and clairvoyants being documented in Khorvaire’s archives. The clairvoyants lead the etherclaws in their elusive quests, while the drones and warriors fight. Beyond these few facts, almost nothing is known of these creatures, their appearances tend not to leave survivors.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Official Site Updates

New updates this morning...

Eberron Expanded: Libris Mortis, Part One
Sharn Inquisitive: Flamewind Issues Annual Riddle
Map Gallery: Players Guide to Eberron

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Official Site Update

Wizards of the Coast will be holding its Eberron Virtual Dungeon Delve today (Saturday, January 28th) at 3 pm Pacific (6 pm Eastern) in the WotC Chatsite. Pregenerated characters are available.

Sorry for the short notice folks!

DDO.com: Monster Profile

Monster Profile #28: Skeletons

This week Azalai expounds upon a common foe: the many skeletons populating Xen'drik.

However, the creatures known as “arcane skeletons” are the greatest threat. Suffused with the magic of Xen’drik, they exude an aura of negative energy around them that harms the living, while healing nearby undead.

To read the full profile click here.

Friday, January 27, 2006

DDO Preorder Box in Stores Now

As mentioned on Turbine's site, the Preorder box for D&D Online: Stormreach is out in stores now. Visit your local Best Buy, EBGames, GameStop, or Fry's to pick up a copy.

For more information on possible deals read the article

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Monster of the Week - Coronus

It's that time again, this week the Bestiary presents the Coronus, an ancient construct built by couatls to guard their outposts on Khorvaire. This is another high level monster (CR 14), for all those epic adventurers that don't like to leave home.

Here is a sneak preview:

A stone ring floats serenely in the air before you. Unusual designs are carved into the inner edge of the 10ft diameter ring, and a tiny pinpoint of silver light blinks at its centre.

Coroni are constructs beyond ancient. Dating back to the Age of Demons, these constructs were built by the couatl to help defend their strongholds on Khorvaire. When the couatl made the ultimate sacrifice and bound the rajahs deep in Khyber, the Silver Flame surged across the continent, ending the demonic occupation and dawning a new age. In the wake of their creators' destruction, the coroni became inactive...

Eberron comic in the works

Essential Eberron's forum has a big scoop. There is a comic in the works with story by Keith Baker and art by David Esbri. Here is a small preview and Keith's comments.

In addition to this, a sample chapter of The Shattered Land is out.

DDO Limited Edition Info

In this thread Sporkfire reveals details about the Limited Edition.

The Screenshots Gallery has also updated.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Voiceovers in DDO by Gygax and Arneson

The creators of D&D Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax are going to provide their voices for DDO. More information, such as which quests feature Gygax' voice, can be seen here.

Giant Magazine has an article on DDO.

Gamespot has three new movies and an interview with David Eckelberry.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Official Site Update

Sharn Inquisitive, News for Sul, Zarantyr 1st, 998: Shipwreck Survivors Launched Distress Call

Bitter Sea Shipwreck Survivors Launched Distress Call

REKKENMARK -- Thrane's ambassador to Karrnath has informed the Crown that a magic distress signal has been received from the Perfect Chicane -- now three weeks overdue from a whaling expedition in the Bitter Sea. According to Ambassador Tellek ir'Uther, a Silver Flame templar stationed in southern Thrane received a sending spell from his estranged brother, who had left home last year to seek his fortune at sea.

The message allegedly went as follows: "Brother, aid me. We struck iceberg northwest of Gurrney's Point. Ship and most crew are lost. We cling to iceberg. So huge... so cold. Help..."


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Monster of the Week - Siberys Hierarch Lizardfolk

This week's monster is the Eberron Bestiary's second scaly humanoid, the Siberys Hierarch, a powerful race of lizardfolk with a strong connection to the Dragon Above. Siberys Hierarchs make great encounters in Xen'drik, emphasising the mystique that surrounds the continent as well as confusing players in combat with their transformational abilities and calls to the cosmos. Is it the rains of Siberys dragonshards in Xen'drik that attract these nomads, or entirely the other way around? I'll leave you to decide that one.
Here is a sneak preview:

A large humanoid figure, draped in a mantle of woven leaf and scale, raises its staff with its reptilian hands and chants as if to call to the skies themselves. A long, toothy maw juts from the shadows of its hood.

The Siberys Hierarchs are a race of self-proclaimed messengers of the Dragon Above. These elusive lizardfolk roam the vast continent of Xen’drik as nomads, following the rains of Siberys dragonshards and harvesting the stones for their magic. The hierarchs preach to the lizardfolk colonies they visit that they intend to restore the Dragon Above to its former glory with their magic, undoing his death at the hands of Khyber, the Dragon Below. Recently, many Siberys Hierarchs have been congregating in the Ring of Storms.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

DDO: Awards and other news

DDO wins in the category of "Most Anticipated Game" in the MMORPG.com 2005 Readers Choice Awards and a honorable mention in the 2005 Editorial Awards.

GameGuidesOnline.com has a preview of DDO.

The European Beta has started. More info can be found here

Monday, January 16, 2006

DDO Europe and other news

The European DDO page went live recently.

For those who preordered and have been waiting to activate your preorder keys, do so here.

Turbine is also having a free preview of DDO with the chance to win a free Alienware® computer. Read more here

Official Site Update

Wizard's official site has been updated with a lot of good stuff.

We finally get the Player's Guide to Eberron excerpt, and it looks good. The book is due to hit the street tomorrow, be sure to get your hands on a copy.
Read this thread and find out why.
Also, be sure to check out the art gallary.
It's very cool.

Also, we got a brand new Sharn Inquisitive and a new Steal This Hook article, Dungeoneering Dilemmas

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Beta Journal #8

Beta Journal #8: Tactics, Tactics, & More Tactics: Tactics for Various Classes

This weeks Beta Journal continues lasts weeks theme and focuses various class-specific tactics.

DDO Previews and articles

GameAmp.com has a Review of DDO and GamerGod.com has a "First Impressions" article.

TenTonHammer.com has written a multitude of articles on DDO

DDO 2005: A year in review

Pirates and Kobolds and Bugbears, Oh My!



10 Days in Stormreach

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

DDO NDA Lifted

The NDA on DDO has been lifted. That means that players can freely speak of their beta and stress test experiences. More info here

Monday, January 09, 2006

Monster of the Week - Warplume

This week's monster, brought to you by the Eberron Bestiary, is for the low level groups out there, after last week's monster we can't go letting high level groups have all the fun! The Warplume is a walking tree that wanders the Mournland and battlefields of the Last War, draining the blood of the fallen with its needle-like leaves. This creature is perfect for setting the mood in the Mournland and introducing new Eberron players to the horrors of that land early on.

Here is a sneak preview:

A huge, feather-like palm rises over nine feet into the air before you, waving slowly in the wind. Blood drips from its needle-like leaves.

At first glace, one might think the warplume a vile aberration of the Mournland. This is not so, for the warplumes have been wandering the remains of battlefields since the start of the Last War. Warplumes are sanguivorous; they drink the blood of those that have fallen in battle and those that remain behind to save them. As such, warplumes thrive in frequently used battlefields such as the Crying Fields. Warplumes are also common in the Mournland, feeding on the many un-rotting corpses that scatter what remains of Cyre.

Friday, January 06, 2006

New Fansite: Essential Eberron

Essential Eberron Is a new fansite dedicated to Eberron novels and books. It a project of the people who brought you Worlds of D&D.

A special thanks to Aureon and Siberys for their hard work on the site.

You can also visit their forum and say hello.

DDO Launch Date Announced and Beta Journal #7

The game that right about everyone has been waiting for is soon here. As mentioned in this thread by Samera the game is not far off.

The arrival of the year's most highly-anticipated massively multiplayer game is less than two months away! Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach will launch in North America on Tuesday, February 28th, 2006. European gaming enthusiasts also don't have much longer to wait. Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach DDO will release in the UK, France and Germany in March 2006.

Beta Journal #7: Tactics, Tactics, & More Tactics Part 1

This weeks Beta Journal discusses the importance of tactics in DDO and how it effects gameplay in general.

DDO Articles

With the new year comes more news about DDO. Let's see what we have found

First off some previews from Yahoo and Actiontrip.com.

Sorcerers.net wrote their impressions of the DDO Beta

OGaming.com has an article wrapping up the Turbine Press event and an article discussing the Voice-chat feature

Tentonhammer.com wrote an article about "Breaking the holy trinity mold"

Gamergod.com has two articles, one about Rogues and one about the city of Stormreach

Official Site Update

The Official Site has posted a new Mini Preview War Drums 4, which shows us 3 new eberron minies in the upcoming set!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Monster of the Week - Ancient Exas

This week's offering from the Eberron Bestiary can be described with just one word: 'big.' Or perhaps two: 'real big.' The most powerful creature created for the Bestiary so far, the Ancient Exas is a colossal construct created on Xen'drik during the Age of Giants. So immense is this construct that the very earth splits beneath its feet, and cliffs crumble as it passes. This construct is a great encounter for all those high level PCs who thing they have seen the worst Xen'drik has to offer.
Here is a sneak preview:

The construct of stone and metal before you rises high into the sky. This machine of war is beyond the scales of any Khorvairian artificer, this is a relic of the past.

The Age of Giants was as rife with war as any other age of Eberron, and the exas are relics of the colossal battles fought on Xen'drik. When carvings depicting the exas were uncovered in the ruins of a Giant keep deep in the jungle, scholars originally believed them to be images of the Sovereigns. However, when an expedition to a nearby ancient battlefield uncovered the remains of one of these enormous constructs, clearly damaged in battle, they found the true power of Giant artifice.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Official Site Update

Sharn Inquisitive, News for Sul, Zarantyr 15th, 998: Arranash Execution Set for Midnight

SHARN -- Sesko Arranash, who was convicted of treason last month for attempting to sell information about Argonth's magical defenses, will be executed by hanging tonight at midnight. "Arranash will pay the ultimate price for his traitorous scheme," said Knight-Marshal Banarak Tithon. "And the nation of Breland will sleep better tonight knowing that no one can escape its justice."

Scaffolding for the Arranash execution is being erected today in front of Andith Tower in the Ambassador Towers district. The public is invited to witness the execution. Knights of the King's Citadel said that because Arranash is a powerful spellcaster, he will be bound, gagged, and blindfolded prior to the hanging. Read More...