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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DDO Site Update

Azalai Korias discovers a tomb containing runes that may shed some light on the history of the Storm Giant.

Eighty thousand years ago, the giants owned Xen'drik. We crawl about the decaying remnants of their civilization like insects feeding on a corpse. Stormreach itself rose from the ruins of an ancient port, with great pillars and blocks too heavy to lift without the powerful magic scattered across her cityscape. The greatest of the giant races are the storm giants, over twenty feet tall and twelve thousand pounds or more. They towered over their cousins and led them in creating their ancient empire.

See the full profile here:


and here


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Official Site Update

Sharn Inquisitive: Dozens Claim to Have Seen Lantern-Bearer

SHARN—The mysterious—and some say folkloric—figure known as the Lantern-Bearer of Keshaware has been seen in Sharn this week at least four times, eyewitnesses said.

“He had these dirty white robes, a long gray beard, and tousled hair,” said Maretha Ducain, a cobbler from the Underlook district. “The lantern was covered in jewels—so much so that the jewels themselves seemed to be glowing. And just like in the woodcarvings, he has the lantern on the end of a staff, and he walks all bent over.”

Thursday, April 20, 2006

DDO Update

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™ (DDO) is now available for download on Direct2Drive.com for the purchase price of $49.95. So put your fortitude, reflexes and will to the test as you challenge the deadly secrets hidden across the mysterious continent of Xen'drik!


Monday, April 17, 2006

Official Site Updates

Sharn Inquisitive, News for Sul, Eyre 8th, 998: Breland Comissions New Warships

WROAT—King Boranel announced on Zor that he planned to commission more than a dozen new warships to ply the Thunder Sea on antipiracy patrols.

“Let my voice carry to the south on winds of justice: Any ship flying the bear is under the protection of the great nation of Breland. Crawl back into your holes, villains, or face the wrath of our new warships,” said the crown decree.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Monster of the Week - Moonfall Drake

This week the Eberron Bestiary's monster is the Moonfall Drake. This unusual dragon has such a strong connection to the moons orbiting Eberron that many believe they are born from eggs fallen from the moons themselves. The strange globes of light that surround the creatures are sure to add an interesting twist to your mid-level encounters.
Here is a sneak peak:

The lithe, reptilian creature before you cautiously advances. It walks on four legs, the first two of which double as wings, a leathery membrane stretched between two elongated fingers and the creature’s body. A long tail slides behind the drake, and its scales shimmer in the moonlight.

Moonfall drakes are dragons that are said to be children the moons themselves, carried to Eberron by meteorite-like eggs. It is true that these drakes nest at impact sites, and guard over the meteorites like which lie at the centre of the dragon’s small hoard, but their otherworldly nature has never been confirmed. The meteorites that the drakes watch over, known as moonfall stones, are thought to have powerful arcane properties, so are often sought by wizards and artificers as components in complex spells and eldritch machines.

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