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Monday, December 27, 2004

Grasp of the Emerald Claw "web enhancement"

Bruce R. Cordell, author of the forthcoming Grasp of the Emerald Claw Eberron adventure, has posted an enhancement to the adventure on his personal website. "Shargon Baiting" is a more complex encounter that can replace one of the adventure's encounters. Regardless of whether this encounter is used in your game, players who read this should beware of spoilers.

Grasp of the Emerald Claw: Shargon Baiting

Thanks to reader Brad Gardner for the tip!

Eberron Original Art for Sale

Original pen-and-ink drawings by comic book artist and Eberron Campaign Setting contributor Kalman Andrasofszky are now available at ComicArtLinks.


The prices are tough to beat, so check them out today!

Official Site Update

Eberron Under The Glass: Character Classes and Levels.
Sean K Reynolds discusses one of Eberrons most heated topics. NPC and PC Character Levels, their ratio to eachother, and NPC reactions to High Level PCs.

Dragonshards: The Draconic Prophecy.
Keith Baker delves into one of Eberrons most mysterious secrets, the Draconic Prophecy.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Keith Baker in the Chatroom

Tuesday December 28th, @ 8:00PM EST, Keith Baker will be joining us in our Chatroom to discuss Sharn: City of Towers.

See you all there!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Eberron Bestiary Updated

The Eberron Bestiary has been updated with a new monster

The Chillis
Here's a sneak peek.

A small creature similar to a tiny halfling child with almost perfect features stands before you. Its fingers seem unusually long, and a tail uncurls from beneath its clothes.

Chillis are unusual fey tied to the Syranian manifest zone based around Sharn. In many ways they resemble halfling children, thoug their tail and long, claw-like fingers give the game away. Mischievous and playful, the chillis gather in small groups to play pranks on unsuspecting citizens, particularly in the upper wards and Skyway. Amazingly agile and quick, the chillis climb and jump among the towers with grace and accuracy.
Chillis often find homes among the spires of the towers, sometimes sharing nesting sites with spiretop dragons and sometimes forming small communities of their own. These communities never consist of more than half a dozen chillis, and have no heirarchical strucutre. This chillis have no way of growing their own food, so they most often steal from the market places dotted across the city. The chillis are mostly kind of heart, and so they will repay the merchants what they owe with subtle deeds so they need not reveal their presence.

Also, some new artwork has been posted for the Kashtalaq Quori and the Shaakerar.


Lyrian Air Ship

Over on the Dunjinni Forums:
Plans of the The Liralen, newest airship in the House Lyrandar fleet.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Official Site Updates

Steal This Hook!: The Lhazaar Principalities. Doug Beyer delves into all the intresting adventure hooks just waiting for a party of characters in this Island Nation of pirates.

Dragonshards: The Race of Eight Winds. Keith Baker discusses the rules, the animals, the history and structure of the famous Race of Eight Winds that takes place in the alleys of Sharn.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Keith Baker Speaks

A very intresting post from Keith Baker on the Official Boards on the topic of Killing Goblins.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Help The Ledger

Hi Eberron Fans,

As you can see there hasnt been a news update in quite a few days.
The reason for this is that the Breland Ledgers staff is quite small and its impossibe to cover all possible boards and venues of information for eberron.

If you see anything intresting posted about Eberron, for example like Keith or one of the future authors posting a sneak peak at whats in a book, or maybe if you hear something about the Eberron novels, some eberron fan material, or the Eberron Console/Computer games, then please email us and let us know so we can spread the info!

Help us out and join the team!

Contact: brelandledger@gmail.com

Monday, December 13, 2004

Eberron Character Generator at Pathguy.com

You may already be familiar with the Pathguy.com D&D 3.5 Character Generator, a javascript-based character calculator that makes it easy to create PCs and NPCs consistent with 3.5 rules. The site has now updated with an Eberron Character Generator. It's a large program, so give it ample time to load or it may cause your web browser to freeze.

Keith Baker Update

Ellen Baker, Keith Bakers wonderful wife has contacted the Breland Ledger to tell us that Keith has received special permission from WOTC to post an index of Sharn:City of Towers on his site www.bossythecow.com.

The first installment, NPC's, Is online now.

Sharn Index: NPC's

Official Site Updates

Some updates over at The Official Site:

Dragonshards: Monstic Orders.
Keith Baker brings us a number of Monstic Orders such as, The Order of the Broken Blade, The Flayed Hand, and The Shaarat'khesh.

Under the Glass: Planes and Adventuring. Sean K Reynolds discusses Planar Awareness, Travel and Threats in the Eberron Setting.

New Monster at Eberron Bestiary

The Eberron Bestiary has posted a new monster the Fell Wyrm.

Here is a sneak peak from its flavor text description.

A huge white wyrm circles in the air above. Its long streamlined body is followed by a tail almost twice the length of its body. Long barbed spines cover its upper back and it wears a crown of spikes on its head.

The fell wyrms are terrible creatures native to the icy continent of the Frostfell. They often nest in coastal areas or large lakes, although they can survive inland if they find plenty of large animals to feed on. When not nesting with young, the fell wyrms are much more nomadic,. They build lairs within icebergs and float across the northern oceans.
Sometimes, the fell wyrms' drifting nests bring the dragons to Khorvaire, and on more than one occasion the fell wyrms have attacked coastal villages in the Demon Wastes, and sometimes in Karrnath and the Lhazaar Principalities. An ambitious zakya rakshasa named Ilcraz'r is currently forming plans to bend the will of the fell wyrms to serve the Lords of Dust, a plan earning him little respect from his comrades.
A fell wyrm resembles a wyvern in many ways, and in truth they are distant relatives. Fell wyrms have only two legs and two wings much like a wyvern, though they grow much larger and have adapted to their harsh environment. Fell wyrms hunt by circling above the water, searching for large aquatic creatures often found in the Frostfell. On spotting suitable prey, it dives into the water at full speed, and pursues beneath the waves if its initial attack failed. One of the fell wyrms' favourite prey is the Frostfell's angler eel.

Friday, December 10, 2004

New Eberron Yahoo Group

A New Yahoo Group for Eberron fans has popped up.

Eberron In Character is a Yahoo Group for posting "In Character" monologues, discussions, game notes, and fiction.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Eberron Campaign Setting Errata Posted

The Official Site has posted Errata for the Eberron Campaign Setting.

You can download the zip directly from here.

Among some of the more mundane fixes and changes here is one for the Warforged.

Page 23: Warforged Racial Traits
One of the warforged’s racial traits is written as
—A warforged cannot heal damage naturally.
This racial trait should be clarified as follows:
—A warforged cannot heal lethal damage naturally.

The most changes were made to the Artificer which are detailed below...

Page 31: Artificer—Infusions
In the Infusions class feature, fourth paragraph, delete
the last sentence (“Infusions never allow saving
throws.”) and replace it with “The save DC is
In the Infusions class feature, the first sentence of the
eighth paragraph should read as follows:
Like a spellcaster, an artificer can apply metamagic
feats he knows to his infusions.

Page 32: Artificer—Item Creation
Magic items created by an artificer are considered
neither arcane nor divine.

Page 32: Artificer—Craft Homunculus
The Craft Homunculus class feature uses the example
building the basic homunculus described in the Monster
Manual. Although it’s not clearly stated, an artificer can
use this ability to construct other types of homunculi
(such as the ones found on pages 284–287 of the
Eberron Campaign Setting). The same rules apply.

Page 32: Artificer—Bonus Feats
The artificer gets Craft Wand as a bonus feat at 6th
level, not 7th level. Both the text and the table are

Page 32: Artificer—Bonus Feats
The artificer gets Craft Wand as a bonus feat at 6th
level, not 7th level. Both the text and the table are

Page 32: Artificer—Metamagic Spell
The artificer gets the metamagic spell trigger ability at
7th level, not 6th level. Both the text and the table are

For all the rest, refer to the Official Site.

Mark of Heroes Review

One of the Players/GM's who attended Gencon SoCAL and played in Mark of Heroes 1: Reflections has emailed the Breland Ledger his personal account and review. It is replicated in its entirety below.

I really enjoyed playing Reflections... I loved the flavor, crawling
around investigating a murder. But I also realize I was on a table
with an experianced and well prepared judge and a table of
experianced gamers.

Later in the CON, as word of how good the scenario was and they
started having shortages of judges, I was asked to Judge it cold
(without having read the scenario booklet beforehand). The first
time the was a bit ackward but I think the players still enjoyed
themselves. The second table was great.

The scenario booklet was well laid out and easy to understand. Did
have some problems finding information the characters asked about off
the main investigation trail because I wasn't as familiar as I'd have
liked with the scenario.

Bit confused by why the Nara at the end had Exotic Weapon Proficency
Shard Longsword but no longsword... and thought for awhile that shard
meant Dragonshard and my players were "WOW!" My players were a bit
confused by the Hags hugs because they didn't figure out what she
was. I also got a packet that didn't have the Drawings for the
murder scene, the observatory, room of expeditous messengers, and
such, and those were very well drawn (saw them on the table that I
played at).

Really liked the preprinted maps that overlapped, the girlfriend, and
the other npc's personalities.

Thanks for a great scenario.

James Shaw

Monday, December 06, 2004

Official Site Updates

Dragonshards: The Gnomes of Zilargo, Part 2. National Character, Games of Wit and Wisdom, The Role of the Bard, Zil Style and Customs, all that and more by Keith Baker in this weeks Dragonshards article.

Steal This Hook!: The Dark-Cloaked Stranger. Doug Beyer brings us a number of hooks dealing with figures in cloaks and shadows. Spooky...

Web Enhancment: Eberron Khorvaire Poster Map
An incredible poster map has been posted by the Official Site to correct the error of no previous such map. It has incredible detail and is posted in multiple versions.

32"x20" Format

11"x17" Format

8.5"x11" Format

The largest one was also broken up into 8 peices so the pages could be printed sepratly.
Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4, Map 5, Map 6, Map 7, Map 8

Lastly, all 8 of the above maps were zipped together into a single download.
Poster Maps as Single Download

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Shadows of the Last War Errata

The official site has posted Errata for Shadows of the Last War.

Friday, December 03, 2004

New Eberron Novels in 2005

The 2005 products page on the Wizards of the Coast site now includes their upcoming novels. There are two new entries for Eberron:

The Binding Stone - The Dragon Below, Book 1 (August 2005)
The Binding Stone features the brand new races that were created specifically for the Eberron campaign setting. It’s also the first Eberron novel to take its readers on an exploration of many uncharted territories in the setting.

The cover art for the other book is mistakenly showing a Forgotten Realms book (The Ogre's Pact). Here is the correct image:

The Crimson Talisman - The War-Torn, Book 1 (May 2005)
The Crimson Talisman is the first title in a new Eberron series that focuses on war-torn souls that have known nothing but a world in chaos. Each book in this series will focus on the aftermath of The Last War, in which every realm of the Eberron setting fought a bitter and long-lasting battle.

This is the first book in the War-Torn series. The third book in this series will be written by the winner of the Eberron novel open call announced earlier this year.

Mark of Heroes Discussions

Fans of the Upcoming Mark of Heroes RPGA Campaign have started various yahoo groups to hold discussions. Its a great resource to meet players in your local area for RPGA and regular home games in the Eberron setting!

Mark of Heroes
Eberron DMs
Mark of Heroes Writers

Special thanks to Emirikol on the ENworld boards for bringing these to my attention!