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Monday, December 13, 2004

New Monster at Eberron Bestiary

The Eberron Bestiary has posted a new monster the Fell Wyrm.

Here is a sneak peak from its flavor text description.

A huge white wyrm circles in the air above. Its long streamlined body is followed by a tail almost twice the length of its body. Long barbed spines cover its upper back and it wears a crown of spikes on its head.

The fell wyrms are terrible creatures native to the icy continent of the Frostfell. They often nest in coastal areas or large lakes, although they can survive inland if they find plenty of large animals to feed on. When not nesting with young, the fell wyrms are much more nomadic,. They build lairs within icebergs and float across the northern oceans.
Sometimes, the fell wyrms' drifting nests bring the dragons to Khorvaire, and on more than one occasion the fell wyrms have attacked coastal villages in the Demon Wastes, and sometimes in Karrnath and the Lhazaar Principalities. An ambitious zakya rakshasa named Ilcraz'r is currently forming plans to bend the will of the fell wyrms to serve the Lords of Dust, a plan earning him little respect from his comrades.
A fell wyrm resembles a wyvern in many ways, and in truth they are distant relatives. Fell wyrms have only two legs and two wings much like a wyvern, though they grow much larger and have adapted to their harsh environment. Fell wyrms hunt by circling above the water, searching for large aquatic creatures often found in the Frostfell. On spotting suitable prey, it dives into the water at full speed, and pursues beneath the waves if its initial attack failed. One of the fell wyrms' favourite prey is the Frostfell's angler eel.

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