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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Mark of Heroes Review

One of the Players/GM's who attended Gencon SoCAL and played in Mark of Heroes 1: Reflections has emailed the Breland Ledger his personal account and review. It is replicated in its entirety below.

I really enjoyed playing Reflections... I loved the flavor, crawling
around investigating a murder. But I also realize I was on a table
with an experianced and well prepared judge and a table of
experianced gamers.

Later in the CON, as word of how good the scenario was and they
started having shortages of judges, I was asked to Judge it cold
(without having read the scenario booklet beforehand). The first
time the was a bit ackward but I think the players still enjoyed
themselves. The second table was great.

The scenario booklet was well laid out and easy to understand. Did
have some problems finding information the characters asked about off
the main investigation trail because I wasn't as familiar as I'd have
liked with the scenario.

Bit confused by why the Nara at the end had Exotic Weapon Proficency
Shard Longsword but no longsword... and thought for awhile that shard
meant Dragonshard and my players were "WOW!" My players were a bit
confused by the Hags hugs because they didn't figure out what she
was. I also got a packet that didn't have the Drawings for the
murder scene, the observatory, room of expeditous messengers, and
such, and those were very well drawn (saw them on the table that I
played at).

Really liked the preprinted maps that overlapped, the girlfriend, and
the other npc's personalities.

Thanks for a great scenario.

James Shaw

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