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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Eberron Bestiary Updated

The Eberron Bestiary has been updated with a new monster

The Chillis
Here's a sneak peek.

A small creature similar to a tiny halfling child with almost perfect features stands before you. Its fingers seem unusually long, and a tail uncurls from beneath its clothes.

Chillis are unusual fey tied to the Syranian manifest zone based around Sharn. In many ways they resemble halfling children, thoug their tail and long, claw-like fingers give the game away. Mischievous and playful, the chillis gather in small groups to play pranks on unsuspecting citizens, particularly in the upper wards and Skyway. Amazingly agile and quick, the chillis climb and jump among the towers with grace and accuracy.
Chillis often find homes among the spires of the towers, sometimes sharing nesting sites with spiretop dragons and sometimes forming small communities of their own. These communities never consist of more than half a dozen chillis, and have no heirarchical strucutre. This chillis have no way of growing their own food, so they most often steal from the market places dotted across the city. The chillis are mostly kind of heart, and so they will repay the merchants what they owe with subtle deeds so they need not reveal their presence.

Also, some new artwork has been posted for the Kashtalaq Quori and the Shaakerar.


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