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Thursday, March 31, 2005

City of Towers reviewed

SFSite has posted a detailed review of the Dreaming Dark Book I: City of Towers. To read the review click here. To order a copy of the book (and send some of the proceeds directly to author and Eberron creator Keith Baker), click here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

New DDO interview at Gamespot

Gamespot has posted an informative new interview about D&D Online, the forthcoming massively-multiplayer online game set in the Eberron campaign. It includes three new screenshots and fresh details on combat interface and "abstracted" travel. Check it out!

Monday, March 28, 2005

New Official Site Updates

Steal This Hook!
Dramatic Brawls

Sharn Inquisitive:
POW Protests Rock Sharn Towers

Eberron articles in Paizo magazines

The current issues of Paizo Publishing's Dragon and Dungeon magazines feature significant Eberron content.

Dragon #330
"Shapers of Shadow: Eberron’s Umbragen" by Keith Baker
Learn about the mysterious shadow elves of Eberron from Keith Baker, the setting’s creator! This reclusive drow sect dwells on the thrilling continent of Xen’drik, manipulating affairs with a special bond to a shadowy realm known as the Umbra. A new prestige class and a variety of feats give you everything you need to insert the Umbragen into your Eberron campaign.

"Return to the Far Realm" by Bruce R. Cordell
Explore a dimension out of synch with the known planes in this expansive treatment by Bruce Cordell. Learn about cenebrotic blots, where the Far Realm touches the Material Plane, and steep your characters in the lore of cenebrosis, the ability to manipulate weird Far Realm energies. A host of new spells and creatures rounds out this in-depth article. This general D&D content is equally applicable to Eberron's plane of madness, Xoriat!

"Coming Home" by Matt Forbeck
Four heroes of Eberron enter the Mournland to carve out a new home. This short story is a prelude to Marked for Death, the first novel in the Lost Mark Trilogy.

Dungeon #122
"Backdrop: The Ring of Storms" by Keith Baker
The land of Xen’drik holds many secrets, wonders long forgotten by the children of the modern age. Cyclopean ruins recall the heyday of an empire of giants, whose savage descendents lurk in the shadows of their former glory. Xen’drik also hosts the ruins of a mysterious sect of long-lost elves called the Qabalrin, whose shattered cities lie within the mysterious Ring of Storms. An Eberron backdrop of exploration and doom straight from the setting’s creator!

Dragon #330 is now available on newsstands. Dungeon #122 is currently in subscribers' hands and will hit newsstands on April 12.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Eberron Interactive Atlas in development

Code Monkey Publishing has announced the development of an Interactive Atlas for the Eberron Campaign Setting. The upcoming software was teased in a recent announcement, copied below:

"CMP has secured permission from WotC to create an Eberron Interactive Atlas! Our first release will feature the Eberron Campaign Setting book, then we'll move to add-ons for it based on the 3 current modules plus Sharn: City of Towers."

The product likely has several months of development left. Look to Code Monkey Publishing for updates.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Eberron NPCs: the Kech Volar

Bossythecow.com, the personal site of Eberron creator and designer Keith Baker, has updated with new content on its Features page. Eberron Party #2: the Kech Volar presents a team of goblin artifact hunters who claim ties to the fallen empire of Dhakaan. The characters have a number of possible uses:

"This is a party of Dhakaani adventurers. You can use these characters as NPCs, competing with your adventurers to claim a particular artifact. Or you could run an adventure using these as player characters - see what it's like on the other side of the racial divide!"

Download the characters here.

Monday, March 21, 2005

New Official Site Updates

Kobolds of Khovaire

Sharn Inquisitive:
Prince Halix Enrolls at Rekkenmark Academy

The Lords of False Presage, Part 3

The third article in the False Presage limited series has been in now available at the Eberron Journal. Another enemy of the Prophecy appears in the Lords of False Presage, Part 3. This article details Araknos, a vampiric giant spider who has lived in Xen'drik since before the Age of Giants. The article was written by Simon "Polt" Weil and edited by Peter “ieattrollsforbreakfast” Gingell. Check it out now, or start with the first in the series.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Races of Eberron info in Mark of Heroes

The RPGA campaign recently released a new set of Player Rewards cards for the Mark of Heroes campaign. As reported at ENWorld, the card descriptions provide a sneak peek at content from the upcoming Races of Eberron:

- Ancestral Guidance
- Bladebearer of the Valenar
- Battleshifter Training
- Ragewild Fighting
Magic Items
- shifter clawbracers
- shifter braids
- talisman of the twelve moons
Racial Substitution Levels
- Shifter Druid
- Shifter Ranger
- ride of the Valenar
- aspect of the werebeast
- enhance shifting
- extend shifting
- shifter prowess
Prestige Classes
- Moonspeaker
- Reachrunner

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Korranberg Chronicle Issue 15

The Korranberg Chronicle has updated with new content.

The latest issue features includes over a dozen adventure-inspiring stories, including news about a healing waterfall, an Illumian enclave, the capture of Argonth by enemy soldiers, and a rain of Siberys shards in Lhazaar. Click here for the front page of the Korranberg Chronicle, or head straight to the PDF of this week's issue.

This week's update also includes new Discoveries, flavorful lists of Eberron-specific treasures.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Magic of Eberron in stores this October

According to a retailer announcement posted at GamingReport, Wizards of the Coast is releasing a sourcebook called Magic of Eberron in October 2005. Its name recalls the Forgotten Realms supplement Magic of Faerun, a sourcebook that included new spells, magic rules, and magic-oriented prestige classes.

Other non-Eberron D&D releases revealed in this announcement include:

Magic Series: Magic of Incarnum (9/9)
Fantastic Locations: Fane of the Drow (9/9)
Forgotten Realms Adventure Path #1: Sons of Gruumsh (9/9)
Genre Series: Heroes of Horror (10/14)
Special Edition Dungeon Master's Guide (10/14)
D&D Gift Set (10/14)
Fantastic Locations: Hellspike Prison (11/4)
Forgotten Realms: Champions of Valor (11/4)
Encyclopedia Series: D&D Spell Compendium (12/2)

Also revealed in this announcement is the name of the second novel in the War-Torn series: The Orb of Xoriat (10/7). If this list is comprehensive, it would mean that there are no Eberron RPG releases planned in September, November, or December (though the second novel in the Dreaming Dark trilogy, The Shattered Land, is due on 12/2).

To view D&D releases through August, visit the Wizards.com products page. To discuss this news, visit EN World or the official forums.

New Official Site Updates

Sharn Inquisitive:
Droaam Hordes Press Graywall Defenders

Mark of Heroes:
Dispel Confusion - character creation, mounts, conversions, and fastplay unlocks

Return to Undermountain

From another WotC web article:

Return to Undermountain
Eberron campaign conversion tips are included in this Forgotten Realms location. Thanks Wizards!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Keith Baker Live Chat

Don't forget folks. Keith Baker will be in our Chatroom tonight, March 9th at 8pm EST (5pm Pacific) to discuss the Dragonmarked Houses and his latest novel, City of Towers.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

New Official Site Updates

Sharn Inquisitive:
Mysterious Monoliths Under Construction

The Moons of Eberron

Errata Update:
Sharn: City of Towers

Marked for Death Sample Chapter and Interview

Wizards.com has posted a sample chapter from The Lost Mark Trilogy Book 1: Marked for Death. The chapter introduces the book's players and kicks off the story with a mysterious murder on the edge of the Mournland.

The novels site has also posted an in-character interview with Kandler, the book's protagonist.

Marked for Death is now available in stores.

Monday, March 07, 2005

New Adventure Twist: Haunted Skies

The Eberron Journal updated today with the first in a new series of Adventure Twists, articles designed to help DMs make things a little more complicated for players. Each Adventure Twist will present an Eberron-themed creature, NPC, or location that can be integrated into an existing adventure.

The first Adventure Twist, Haunted Skies, details an undead Zilargo shipwright with a penchant for sabotaging airships. In addition to a full stat block for the ghost herself, the article includes a series of supplemental encounters and lists appropriate rewards for overcoming those challenges. Don't miss it!