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Monday, March 28, 2005

Eberron articles in Paizo magazines

The current issues of Paizo Publishing's Dragon and Dungeon magazines feature significant Eberron content.

Dragon #330
"Shapers of Shadow: Eberron’s Umbragen" by Keith Baker
Learn about the mysterious shadow elves of Eberron from Keith Baker, the setting’s creator! This reclusive drow sect dwells on the thrilling continent of Xen’drik, manipulating affairs with a special bond to a shadowy realm known as the Umbra. A new prestige class and a variety of feats give you everything you need to insert the Umbragen into your Eberron campaign.

"Return to the Far Realm" by Bruce R. Cordell
Explore a dimension out of synch with the known planes in this expansive treatment by Bruce Cordell. Learn about cenebrotic blots, where the Far Realm touches the Material Plane, and steep your characters in the lore of cenebrosis, the ability to manipulate weird Far Realm energies. A host of new spells and creatures rounds out this in-depth article. This general D&D content is equally applicable to Eberron's plane of madness, Xoriat!

"Coming Home" by Matt Forbeck
Four heroes of Eberron enter the Mournland to carve out a new home. This short story is a prelude to Marked for Death, the first novel in the Lost Mark Trilogy.

Dungeon #122
"Backdrop: The Ring of Storms" by Keith Baker
The land of Xen’drik holds many secrets, wonders long forgotten by the children of the modern age. Cyclopean ruins recall the heyday of an empire of giants, whose savage descendents lurk in the shadows of their former glory. Xen’drik also hosts the ruins of a mysterious sect of long-lost elves called the Qabalrin, whose shattered cities lie within the mysterious Ring of Storms. An Eberron backdrop of exploration and doom straight from the setting’s creator!

Dragon #330 is now available on newsstands. Dungeon #122 is currently in subscribers' hands and will hit newsstands on April 12.

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