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Sunday, October 17, 2004

RPGA's Eberron Mark of Heroes at Gen Con So Cal

There is some info on the Gen Con So Cal FAQ regarding the upcoming Eberron RPGA campaign. As previously reported, "Mark of Heroes" will officially replace the Forgotten Realms "Legacy of the Green Regeant" campaign during Winter Fantasy 2005. The FAQ for Gen Con So Cal gives a brief description of the character generation rules:

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS CAMPAIGNS: MARK OF HEROES-This D&D campaign is set in EBERRON. It uses the standard point buy method (25 points) to generate stats. Characters start at 1st-level with maximum gold for their level (extrapolate from information on page 111 of the D&D Player's Handbook). The campaign offers fastplay characters for players who lack the time or inclination to create their own characters. You can download the fastplay characters from the RPGA website.

The last statement appears to be false; the fastplay characters are not yet available on the RPGA site.

The module that will be available at Gen Con So Cal is titled "EMH-1 Reflections of the Multiverse". No word yet as to if or when this module will be available through the RPGA.

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