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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Races of Eberron Tidbits

During tonights Chat, Keith Baker mentioned a few things about Races of Eberron that might be intresting for you to read.

Although the chat transcript will be posted soon, I figured you readers would appreciate seeing these tidbits sooner.

<.KeithBaker> Personally -- and just personally -- I don't think that the warforged of Vol would feel a need to become undead. It's about victory over death, and undead is part of that. As for more alive, Races of Eberron will be looking at warforged with Pinochio syndrome.

<.KeithBaker> Races of Eberron will include a PrC designed for warforged who wish to explore their living aspect, as a balance to the construct-embracing juggernaut.

<.KeithBaker> Like most of the races of Eberron, drow can be any alignment. However, as a whole, they are hostile towards outsiders and people of Khorvaire. They have a very harsh society; I don't know if I'd say "evil", but not friendly. The scorpion bit will also be explained.

<.KeithBaker> Drow could be used as player characters, but they will still have level adjustments -- and they are no more common in Khorvaire than they are now. You'd have to figure out what you're doing in Khorvaire and why you've left your family.

<.KeithBaker> I'm fighting for the Sarlona/Dal Quor book.

Keith Baker on Indiana Jones:
<.KeithBaker> I think he'd be a human bard with some ranger levels, some bard levels (but no ranks of Perform, which is why he never sings or inspires people), and some extreme explorer levels.

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