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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Looking for an Eberron Game?

If you're having trouble finding local gamers to run or play Eberron, then the Breland Ledger is here for the rescue.

If you're willing to look into gaming on IRC stop by The Breland Ledgers Chatroom for some gaming action.

Tuesday Nights at 11pm EST, Neko Ali runs a 3rd level game with 5 players. The game is currently full, but lurkers are welcome. Who knows if a spot for you may open up? In this game, the characters are hired by an elvish agent of the Undying Court to preform jobs for them, as their prophecy has said they would. Unknown agents attempt to stop them.

Thursday Nights at 5pm EST, Spore will be starting a brand new Eberron game which will be light-hearted lovecraftian noir in theme. Involving moderate amounts of combat, with emphasis on inter-party relations! Spots are available for this game, so if you're intrested visit the chatroom and join quickly. The game draws upon the PHB, ECS, and XPH (in limited amounts) as far as allowable rules go.

Friday Nights at 8pm EST, Nitessine runs a game which began the week the ECS was released and started with the adventure in the rear of the book. Slated to restart on September 11th come watch the action as they adventure through the depths of Sharn. There are currently player openings so contact Nitessine soon.

All games take place in side chatrooms so not to disturb #eberron, though the primary chatroom is used for out of character chat as well as a rally point for games. If you want more info or to join, meet the DM's there.

Intrested in running a game? Join the chatroom, hang out, and talk to BrooklynKnight.

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