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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Gencon: More information on Eberron releases

More news came out of GenCon today, including several Eberron-related anouncements.

The third standalone Eberron adventure will be Grasp of the Emerald Claw by Bruce R. Cordell.

The next book in the creature-oriented line that started with Draconomicon and continues with Libris Mortis will be Codex Anathema: the Book of Aberrations. It's of particular interest to fans of Eberron, a setting where aberrations play a major role in history.

The Wizards.com catalog has updated with images of more Eberron 2005 releases, including the Races of Eberron sourcebook and the first two Eberron novels: City of Towers by Keith Baker and Marked for Death by Matt Forbeck.

Stay tuned for more, including a full GenCon report from Breland Ledger chronicler Brueklyn d'Cannith.

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