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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Get your (computer) game on

Here at the Breland Ledger, we cover more than just the pen-and-paper Eberron RPG. We report on stories about all Eberron licensed products. Of those, the most exciting are the two new computer games under development by Turbine and Liquid Entertainment, both published by Atari. A number of previews have been written for both games.

IGN preview #1
IGN preview #2 (new!)
Gamespy preview

D&D Online
Gamespy preview #1
Gamespy preview #2
Gamespy roundtable interview
IGN interview
CVG preview

For breaking news on Eberron: the

Stratics is a side dedicated to massively multiplayer games. At Turbine Nation, they were able to take some "shaky cam" in-game footage. It's not perfect quality, but worth a look.

For ongoing D&D Online announcements, check out the Vault Network message boards. You can also brose the official Eberron forum for posts by atari_dm, who's there to talk about both of Atari's announced Eberron games (and their other D&D titles).

Thanks to Joni-San for help with this link roundup!

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