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Monday, August 23, 2004

Eberron Bestiary now live!

Regular forum visitors have long enjoyed ieattrollsforbreakfast's Monster of the Week creations, well-balanced D&D monsters created specifically for the world of Eberron. Now those monsters are collected in the Eberron Bestiary, a site that will update every week with new foes for your Eberron PCs.

Another feature of the website is 'Close Encounters'. Here you will find short encounters written especially for use in Eberron campaigns. These can be used either as random encounters or to launch an on-going plot, and each includes a map to use with the encounter. The first in the series takes place on the Lightning Rail, as a Valenar warband attempts to board the train. Coming soon: a band of Silver Flame extremists animate a wicker man to purge the lands of shifter filth.

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