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Monday, August 23, 2004

Atari's "Virtual GenCon" Wrap-Up

Atari, publisher of the forthcoming Dragonshard real-time strategy PC game, used this year's GenCon as an opportunity to share screenshots and concept images. Here's a list of all the images shared by "atari_dm" on the official forums!

A massive beholder zaps some good guys
Silver Flame knights charge
Riders in the marsh
Battle in the snow

Concept Art
Baine, Silver Flame leader
Dwarven berserker
Order of the Silver Flame City
Umbragen death knight
Sunless Vault
The Underworld
Obsidian Tomb
Silver Flame rogue

For true Eberron fans, Atari's also posing the challenge of four trivia questions:

  1. What Dhakaani goblin tribe has started practicing wizardry and artifice?
  2. What uniquely valuable resources is believed to be found only on Xen'drik?
  3. Who is the current Keeper of the Flame of the Church of the Silver Flame?
  4. In what Year of the Kingdom did the drow go into hiding in Xen'drik?
Think you have the answers? E-mail dungeonmaster@atari.com and they "may just hook you up with something special..."

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