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Thursday, September 09, 2004

New Eberron content in Dragon #324

The latest issue of Dragon magazine is now reaching subscribers, and it has something special for Eberron fans. "Living Nightmares: Dream Creatures of Dal Quor" is a ten-page article by Keith Baker detailing five new creatures from the plane of dreams. Especially useful for psionic campaigns, these monsters represent a range of challenge ratings and encounter styles.

Other general D&D articles in this issue may be useful for Eberron fans. "Chilled to the Bone" features monsters that characters might encounter in the Frostfell or during a harsh Karnnathi winter. "The Ecology of Night Hags" provides detailed information about a creature type that's particularly important in the world of Eberron. The "Sworn Slayer" prestige class could be perfect for an aberration-hunting druid or a Last War veteran who has sworn to rid the world of warforged.

If you're not a Dragon subscriber, you can pick up issue #324 when it hits newsstands on September 21.

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