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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Eberron Forum Watch - 6/24

Looking to spice up your Eberron game? Check out some great threads on the official message board.

Racism in Eberron: When you're calling someone a mongrel, mudface, forgery or bolthole, you'd better be sure it's worth it ...and that you're picking the most offensive possible term. Read up on Eberron racial slurs here, or contribute your own.

Modern Menaces of Eberron: First, the D20 Modern Menace Manual updated D&D monsters for modern-day gameplay. Now, you can see what some of the Menace Manual's more unique creatures look like when they're converted back to D&D.

People and Places - Steel Smith: Check out this warforged blacksmith, whose shop is a site you can drop into any Sharn adventure. It even features an NPC write-up and some adventure hooks!

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