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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Character Sheets, Dragonshards, and the Complete Art Gallery

The official Eberron homepage had several updates this weekend!

Eberron Character Sheets: Based on the Deluxe Character Sheets D&D accessory, these multi-page sheets are tailor-made for Eberron PCs.

Adn So it Begins: The first article in the new "Dragonshards" column by Eberron creator Keith Baker provides a list of questions for players to consider when creating their first Eberron characters.

Eberron Campaign Setting Art Gallery: If you haven't picked up the book yet, check out its awesome art here! Fans who already have the book will want to take a close look at images that didn't make it into the final release, including the Aundair Dragonhawk, the Tribex, and Xen'drik ruins.

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