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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

BossytheCow Update

Keith Baker has posted an updated version of Thelestes who originally appeared in Dragon #327.

You can find him, and other characters, on the Bossy the Cow Character Page.

A little preview here is her physical description:

At first, there seems to be little to draw the eye to this young elf. Though not unpleasant to look upon, she has made little effort to enhance her natural beauty; her cloak is gray and stained by the weather, draped over a white blouse and peasant breeches. Then she smiles at you, and a thrill runs through you – despite her average appearance, she has a magnetism that goes far deeper than simple appearance. She takes a step towards you, moving with a dancer’s grace. As she does, everything changes. Her short blond hair takes on a brilliant red hue, spreading around her head and shoulders like a wild wreath of flame. Her features and figure seem to become sharper and more defined, and an instant later she has become a creature of flawless beauty. Leathery wings unfold from beneath her cloak, and she twirls one
end of a long, glittering chain that has appeared in her hands. The rattling links of the chain sound like music, and she laughs as she dances towards you.

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