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Monday, November 14, 2005

Official Site Updates

Sharn Inquisitive, News for Sul, Aryth 8th, 998: Karrnathi Necro-Arsenals Remain Hidden

WROAT -- Members of Breland's Parliament are clamoring for the public release of a War Council report contending that Karrnath maintains "necro-arsenals" beyond its postwar borders, and that at least one of these lies in northern Breland. According to sources within Parliament, a copy of this report has been circulating among the members for several days.

One person who has read the report told Sharn Inquisitive that a band of Breland army veterans uncovered a necro-arsenal last month in northern Breland while chasing down rumors of buried war gold. These veterans, whose names had been redacted from the report, evidently found a secret entrance to an underground fortress full of Karrnathi zombie soldiers and weapons. This hidden emplacement also included a functional smithy and several other chambers apparently used for unspecified necromantic purposes. Read More...

Dragonshards: Druids of Khorvaire, Part Four

This series on druids concludes with a look at another tradition of the east: the Horse Watchers of the Tairnadal elves, which are found in Valenar and Aerenal. Read more...

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