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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Official site launches Eberron Expanded

Yesterday, the official site unveiled the first in a series of Eberron Expanded articles. Like the Eberron Journal's own Conversions, they examine general D&D releases through an Eberron-oriented lens. Unlike fan-made conversion articles, these articles are written by Eberron creator Keith Baker! Here's what he had to say about the series:

I am writing a new bimonthly feature for the Wizards of the Coast website, to fill in the blanks between Dragonshards. It's called Eberron Expanded, and it discusses ways to adapt WotC's non-core books to Eberron. These are just suggestions, but this is your chance to see what I'm doing with these books in MY campaign. Look for the first article on July 4th, as I delve into Lords of Madness.

To read the first article, click here!

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