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Monday, June 20, 2005

RPGA Mark of Heroes Cards Set 3

The latest set of Campaign Cards from the RPGA has been released in mailings to GM's this past week. The Eberron Mark of Heroes Yahoo mailing list has been ablaze with postings and questions. One especially devoted member took the time to write up what each of the cards is or does. And here they are!

#1: Children of the Shadow Marches (Creation)
Benefit: This card unlocks the orc race. Your orc character is
from the Shadow Marches. See the Monster Manual for the racial traits
of this race. This also unlocks the following rules items:
Equipment: Shaders (RE)
Feats: Shadow Marches Warmonger (RE)

#2: Dol Arrah's Sacrifice (General)
Prerequisite: The ability to lay on hands.
Benefit: Spend this card and take 2 points of Strength damage
to gain an effective +6 Charisma bonus for the purposes of your lay on
hands ability for the day.

#3: Master's Luck (General)
Benefit: Spend this card, and grant your animal companion,
familiar, or special mount the benefit of the action point associated
with it.

#4: Iron Fortitude (General)
Benefit: Spend this card to modify a Fortitude saving throw.
When rolling your action point dice, roll an additional die. Take the
higher of the rolls. Instead, if you rolled a 1 on a Fortitude save,
you can spend this card and two more action points to reroll that
Fortitude save.

#5: Amateur Inquisitive (General)
Benefit: Spend this card to analyze clues in a single specific
area as if you had the Investigate feat (see Eberron Campaign Setting
pages 55-56). You cannot use further action points to modify your
Search check to search the scene or analyzing any clues you've found
at that scene.

#6: Swift Response (General)
Benefit: Spend this card to perform one of the following move
actions as a swift action: pick up an item, Quick Draw hidden weapon
(with Quick Draw feat and Slight of Hand), ready a shield, loose a
shield, open or close a door, pick up an item, retrieve a stowed item,
sheathe a weapon, or stow an item.

#7: Power and Precision (General)
Benefit: Spend this card when making an attack roll. Your
action point modifies the attack roll and the damage roll. If you
already gain this advantage due to a feat or other ability, roll an
extra action point die, and take the higher of the rolls.

#8: Aundairian Arcanist (Expansion)
Prerequisites: Ability to cast arcane spells, region of origin Aundair.
Benefit: This card unlocks the following rules items:
Core Classes: Warmage (CA), Spellthief (CV)
Prestige Classes: Mage of the Arcane Order (CA), Phantom
Dragoons (FN), Spellsword (CV)
Spells: aiming at the target (CA), anticipate teleportation
(CA), bands of steel (CA), duelward (CA), enhance familiar (CA),
familiar pocket (CA), fortify familiar, greater anticipate
teleportation (CA), greater blink (CA), greater mage armor (CA),
greater Otiluke's dispelling screen (CA), greater sign of sealing,
illusion purge (RE), imbue familiar with spell ability (CA), Leomund's
hidden lodge (CA), mass fly (CA), Otiluke's dispelling screen (CA),
reciprocal gyre (CA), refusal (CA), servant horde (CA), sign of
sealing (CA), unfettered heroism (RE), unluck (CA)

#9: Nomad of the Plains (Expansion)
Prerequisites: Halfling, region of origin Talenta
Benefit: You have an almost spiritual knowledge of your
homeland. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Spot, Listen and
Survival checks while in Talenta. This card unlocks the following
rules items:
Core Classes: Scout (CV)
Racial Substitution levels: Halfling druid (RW), Halfling rogue (RW)
Feats: Agile Athlete (RW), Confound the Big Folk (RW),
Dinosaur Hunter (RE), Dinosaur Wrangler (RE), Talenta Warrior (RE),
Underfoot Combat (RW)
Magic Items: Foxhide armor (RW), belt of hidden pouches (RW)

#10: Forged of War (Expansion)
Prerequisites: Warforged or warfoged scout
Benefit: This card unlocks the following rules items:
Core Class: Warmage (CW)
Racial Substitution Levels (All RE): Warforged artificer,
warforged fighter, warforged paladin.
Prestige Classes: Spellcarved soldier (RE)
Feats (All RE): Brute Fighting, Cold Iron Tracery, Construct
Lock, Improved Resilience, Jaws of Death, Second Slam, Silver Tracery,
Spiked Body
Magic Items (All RE): Command circlet, essence of the guard,
tracker mask, traction claws

A special thanks goes out to Matthew Tjarks for his hard work. You can send him your thanks at the Eberron Mark of Heroes Yahoo Group using the following email: markofheroes@yahoogroups.com

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