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Monday, May 30, 2005

Dragonshard Community Update #9

Here's the latest from the Dragonshard RTS Developers!

Greetings Dungeoncrawlers!

It's Dragonshard Update time again, and this week its going to be a little different. In addition to our regular Q&A with our friends at Liquid Entertainment and a new screen shot we're going to be showing off one of the featured characters from the game. This weeks featured character is Darroc from the Lizardfolk faction. In the coming weeks we will be spotlighting more characters from all three playable races. Seeing that we're showing off one of the heroes this week we decided to focus our questions on how heroes in Dragonshard effect the game. As always, if you have a question about Dragonshard that we have not yet answered please free free to submit it and we'll feature it in an upcoming update.


The DM: How customizable are characters in the game?

Liquid: They are customizable to about as far as a degree as we felt we could take it and still be a balanced RTS game. The Champions can earn new items and even a few new weapons that all add new abilities or stats in the single player. These can have some pretty drastic effects (such as a chance to freeze a unit in ice or even allowing a super high health regeneration).

The DM: What happens if all your hero-led parties get wiped out by a trap or monsters? Does the game end?

Liquid: Yes, and a dragon flies on screen and laughs at you. I'm joking, of course. It would be pretty difficult to have a whole party wiped out by a trap (I've not seen it yet, and I've helped make the game!). If you still have your town, you can build more units and re-summon your Champion.

Name: Darroc
Race: Lizardfolk

Darroc represents one of the pinnacles of the Lizardfolk's rapid evolution under the influence of the Heart of Siberys. Either through sheer genetic chance or, as the Lizardfolk elders believe, via supernatural or draconic influence, Darroc was hatched bearing the size and strength of the dragons his people worshipped, while retaining the agility necessary to maneuver rapidly through the jungles and swamps that are his home. Even at a young age, Darroc was a leader among his people, besting all other warriors who challenged him, defending their lands against invading forces, and banding together otherwise disparate tribes to form one collective Lizardfolk race. However, he fell in battle after repelling the last assault of the Silver Flame on Xen'drik when they first sought to claim to Heart. His remains were recovered, and buried within a sacred tomb hidden away deep within the swamps. Bone is all that remains of his solid form, with flesh and sinew replaced by surging arcane energies. The form that Darroc now takes is that of a resurrected guardian. In his absence, his people have sought out and attempted to groom new heroes to take his place, one of which being the young and temperamental Redfang, who physically shares many of the qualities that made Darroc so fearsome. But now, Darroc has returned to guide his people to victory once again, and to teach the young ones who might follow in his legacy what it takes to truly be a leader of one's people.

Shane DeFreest
Atari Community Manager

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard

Act of War: Direct Action

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