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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dragon #332 on newsstands now

A dragon-themed issue of DragonIssue #332 of Dragon magazine hits newsstands today, May 24. It features "Cults of the Dragon Below" by Keith Baker. It also includes other exciting articles like "Chromatic Player Characters" and "Cutting up the Dragon" (and a Class Acts piece, by up-and-coming game designer Johnny O'Neal, called "Claim Your Birthright").

Also of note is Dungeon #124, which is in subscribers' hands now and will hit newsstands on June 7. This issue includes a new Eberron adventure, "Temple of the Scorpion God," by James Wyatt and Andy Collins. " It also kicks off the "Age of Worms" adventure path, which will feature Eberron conversions by Keith Baker.

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