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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dragonshard Community Update #8

Greetings Dungeoncrawlers!

Now that the wild week that was E3 has once again come and gone we're glad to get back to giving you as much Dragonshard info as we can. Last weeks update focued on the "D&D" aspects of the game so this week we'll focus a bit on the more traditional "RTS" elements of the game. Specifically, we asked our frineds at Liquid about what we know many people want to get some info on, multi-player!

Here is what they had to say...

THE DM: What differences in multiplayer will there be from conventional RTS games?

LIQUID: There are lots of differences. Every unit can gather resources, for examples. Some of the resources are found mainly in the dungeon- the underworld of the multiplayer map. The player has a town grid that uses the nexus system to build buildings and train units, rather than a normal system where buildings are put down anywhere.

I think one of the largest differences is that players have to fight over the resources, so the game encourages combat from the get-go. Also the complete lack of a tech tree- you can build any unit at any time. This helps ease up a lot of the decision making for the player- it isn't difficult to throw in a whole new mix of units on the battlefield.

THE DM: Are there a variety of victory conditions in single player and multiplayer?

LIQUID: Each single player chapter is custom as far as its victory conditions, so there is a large variety. Multiplayer has four different victory conditions that can be individually turned on or off for a multiplayer game.

Shane DeFreest
Atari Community Manager

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard

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