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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dragonshard Community Update #12

Greetings, Dungeoncrawlers!

As promised this week we're releasing our next Dragonshard wallpaper for your desktop viewing pleasure. In other news we know there has been some confusion regarding the release date of the game. To avoid further confusion, Dragonshard has been re-scheduled for a September 2005 launch. In other news, make sure to mark July 15th on your calender. We have scheduled our next developer chat with Liquid Entertainment on the Warcry Netwrok. We will have more details on that in the very near future so stay tuned. Now on to your questions...


The DM: Are there many avid pen and paper D&D players at Liquid Entertainment?
Liquid: Yes, there is at least one regular, ongoing D&D campaign at Liquid almost all of the time. Several people have been playing D&D here since the late 70's / early 80's, which should give some good representation of the hardcore fans here.

The DM: How precise will unit control be? (i.e. formations, stances, etc.)
Liquid: I assume you are just asking if we have formations and stances. Captains can rally soldiers to themselves to form squads, and those squads will move in formation. We don't have stances in Dragonshard- it felt too complicated in a real-time environment.

Shane DeFreest
Atari Community Manager

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard

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