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Friday, June 24, 2005

Dragonshard Beta Update

Here is some of the latest info regarding the confusing Beta tests for Dragonshard. A lot of conflicting and confusing information was floating around so Shane has provided us with some information that was posted on Atari's boards.

First off, please let me apologize for the confusion everyone has had with the Dragonshard beta test. Having a promotional marketing beta at the same time as the more traditional production beta for bug testing has undoubtedly created some confusion and frustration for you, our fans. This was not our intent and hopefully after this e-mail, the problem and the subsequent confusion will be no more.

As of this time, we would like to let everyone know that those of you who are not part of the "closed beta", (AKA: the production beta), are no longer restricted by the Atari NDA. You are free to discuss the game on the Atari forums, or any forums as you choose.

Users who downloaded the beta to participate in the closed beta QA group are still bound by the Atari NDA, even though the beta is the same game as the one available on FilePlanet. However, those users can discuss the game among themselves in a private Atari forum. The reason for this is as follows: The closed beta QA group will examine the game more critically than the FilePlanet users, as well as being privy to documentation and updates to the build which the marketing beta group will not receive. We want to work with the closed beta QA group to help improve the game, hence the need for the NDA in light of these differences going forward.

We hope this clarifies any of the confusion and/or frustration on this issue. Again, please accept our most sincere apologies, and thank you for your continued support.


Shane "The DM" DeFreest

Shane DeFreest
Atari Community Manager

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard

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