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Sunday, January 30, 2005

One Last Word on Races Cover

James Wyatt made a pretty big post on Page 7 of the Races of Eberron Cover thread at the WOTC Official Forum. In the intrest of saving space I've simply linked directly to the post as opposed to copying it below.

While at Winter Fantasy I asked Charles Ryan about the book cover and he said that the book was always intended to be a Races of Book. A True high resolution Eberron Cover was never created and what was posted in the catalog previously was simpy a short measure place holder. A special release Eberron slip cover, or binding sticker was joked about though I doubt we'll see such a thing.

The Petition seems to have maxed out at around 300 signatures. I'll wait till Friday before sending it too custserv at WOTC. Though the cover many not change, as loyal fans we do have a responsibility to submit feedback.

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