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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Official Eberron Updates in the Last Week

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the Breland Ledger Staff has been caught up in some real life issues as of late. Without further delay the latest official updates.

Sharn Inquisitive
A new Web Article series at the official site, the Sharn Inquisitve give us a number of in character news articles from Sharn with the latest gossip. Perfect for plot twists.

Issue 1 News for Far, Zarantyr 6th, 998 : Tower Collapse Was Sabotage, Watch Says

Issue 2 News for Far, Zarantyr 6th, 998: Crown Names ir'Saldivar to Dark Lantern Post

Small note, there appears to be a mistake on the date of the issue on the wotc site. Both articles, released a week apart claim to be from the same day.

Art Gallery:
The Art Gallery for Grasp of The Emerald Claw, the 3rd Eberron adventure, has been released.

According to Keith Baker the Dragonshards series of articles will be scaled back to once every two weeks. Here is a direct quote.

For the moment, WotC web is scaling back the Dragonshards to every other week. This is due to a combination of factors, including my schedule and WotC RPG's resources – as the Dragonshards are official material, they need to be approved by WotC RPG before they go live, and this can involve some back and forth. So there will be one next week, but at least for the near future, it's going to be every other week from this point forward.

The quote can be found here at the official forums.
Thanks too Walt Robillard for the scoop.

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