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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Updates Galore in the New Year

Happy New Year from the Breland Ledger Eberron fans!
With the new year come a number of updates!

Eberron Chat Update:
On December 28th Keith Baker visited us in the chatroom for a live chat to discuss with us Sharn: City of Towers, here is a log of that chat, posted on the WOTC Boards.

Sharn: City of Towers IRC Live Chat Log

Remember folks, the chatroom is located at chat.psionics.net in #eberron and is open 24/7 for eberron chat and game organization. The chatroom is also supported by the Korranberg Chronical, The Eberron Beastiary and Siberys!

Sharn Index Update:
On New Years Eve, Ellen Baker, aka Honeycakes, notified us that Bossythecow.com has been updated with the latest Sharn Index page. Sharn Index: Locations.
There is also a homepage for the Sharn Index, check it out!

Eberron Beastiary Update:
The Eberron Beastiary was also updated with the Warforged Maelstrom and Arythis.

Lots of good Eberron Updates!
I know its 2 days late, but we were off partying the nights away. I just crawled out of Sharn alleyway myself. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year from all of us at the Breland Ledger/Eberron Journal.

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