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Monday, January 10, 2005

Eberron Beastiary Updated

The Eberron Beastiary has been updated with a new monster and some new artwork.

Ithal Quor

Before you stands the animated corpse of a decaying Sarlonan, its eyes glowing with an eerie light. The hazy image of some foul creature from another world hangs over the body, its long pincer reaching out and its many eyes staring in all directions.

The curse of undeath is found across Eberron, from the wild jungles of Xen'drik to the mysterious continent of Argonessen. The ithal quor are found in Sarlona and even among immigrants in Khorvaire.
When hosts of a quori spirit such as the Inspired and kalashtar are killed in sudden magical and psionic outbursts, a portion of the spirit can remain bound within the corpse as the quori is ripped away. Though the host is dead, part of the possessing spirit remains, re-animating the corpse as an ithal quor.
The schism is mentally and physically straining for the quori, and if the process doesn't kill it, it is neither fully on Dal Quor nor fully on Eberron, coexisting on both planes. The distress and agony felt by the quori and often leads it to harming other creatures it encounters. Both the effect on the quori and the lack of subtlety of the ithal quor leads both the Inspired and kalashtar to hunt down and destroy these cursed beings as soon as possible.
At least one ithal quor is known to exist by the Inspired deep within the Mournlands. A Dreaming Dark agent's death at the hands of the Mourning created the creature, and the Inpired have yet the track down the cursed body.

Also, the Chillis has been given new artwork.

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